Sunday, March 12, 2017

ACTRESS that portrays TRACI on "What About Your Friends?" is NOTHING like her CHARACTER!

Actress / performer Shaneika Alston known to the performing arts world as "Shai Girl", and most recently known for her role as Traci on the popular drama web series "What About Your Friends?" which is available for streaming on youtube and will soon be available on the Blacktopia Mobile App. was recently asked in a forum discussion in the Blacktopia Facebook group if she was anything similar to the character she portrays on the critically acclaimed drama web series..... this was her answer....

I am glad you asked me that! Hell to the naw lol. I am not the kind of women who will stick around for someone I even expect isn't loyal. I believe trust is an important part of any relationship. If I know I can't trust someone with my well being, I have to pass. I have been uncertain be fore and that is why I haven't been lucky in love. I am too possessive to share lol. I have to be sure I'm safe. So I can relate to Traci, she does have my reactions. I'm developing into a method actor so as soon as I am on set I'm in character. If I was in her shoes, I show through her, how I would respond.. Following the script of course.
- Shaneika Alston

Indeed Indeed

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