Wednesday, March 22, 2017

About the Author: E.G. Weeks

Some readers may have heard of this author and some have not. Elaine Weeks, writing as E.G. Weeks, prefers to be called Lainey.
Growing up in Long Island, NY and graduating from Half Hollow Hills High School West and Florida State College she is a focused writer and determined to perfect her craft.
She writes erotic romance, contemporary romance, poetry and inspiration. She writes mostly with the 40 plus year old woman in mind. When asked why, she explains "It’s simple; I identify with her. She is me. I am she. She is a diva in her own right and brings experience and knowledge to the table. She is classy, funny and deep at times. She doesn’t claim to know everything but she strives to do everything with excellence. She loves living and takes the time to laugh and enjoy the beauty surrounding her. She’s a role model and a friend. She is a diva with an air of humility."
Every female leading character that E.W. creates is over 40 because she wants you to see yourself in her. You may or may not be that old yet, but when you are, you’ll have an idea of what to expect in life. These characters are real, every day women who embrace their age, their experience, and their knowledge. Her philosophy of life? It’s simple: Growing older is no fun unless we're also growing bolder, so go for it.
Tatiana's Chance, published in July 2014, is E.G.’s debut novel and the first book in the Tatiana series. The second book, Tatiana's Choice, published in November 2014 was soon followed by the third, Tatiana’s Charm, published in July 2015. E.G. quickly discovered that her readers loved Tatiana and related to her in many ways. E.G. realized her niche would be writing and relating to women in her own age group. She would reach them where they live, love, play, relate and retire.
Her latest book gives you a romance/thriller with a taste of mystery sure to entertain the most discerning readers. 

Ten years ago, soon after losing her mother, Danielle’s husband, Brett, announced he wanted a divorce. Danielle never understood his anger and bitterness towards her and with her only real friend living several hundred miles away, Danielle felt alone and isolated. She had no one with whom to share her grief nor her pain because she trusted no one ... until a stalker came into her life and put her in grave danger. The stalker was a psychopath with the determination to destroy her. She had no choice but to trust someone now. Danielle turns to a detective she knew ten years ago; Trey Collins was the man who let her mother’s mysterious death go unsolved. He promised Danielle that this time he would take good care of her. But does Trey know what he’s getting himself into? Can Danielle find the strength to fight off her demons, both real and imaginary, before the walls she put up to protect herself come tumbling down? Purchase Here:

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