Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#WCW (Wed. CLASSY Woman): Markisha "Why Yet" Bunn the Host of On Why Yet's Watch


This Blacktopia #WCW Wed. CLASSY Woman Award goes to Markisha "Why Yet" Bunn the host of the popular blogtalk radio talk show ON WHY YET'S WATCH that airs on the prestigious BRPP Network every Thursday Night at 9:00 PM EST.  This Thursday (June 29th) Some Guy Named Jay will be a guest On Why Yet's Watch to talk about the entire Blacktopia Movement, the Blacktopia Website, Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio and more!  You can call 773 897 6297 to stream the show from our phone.  

Thank you "Why Yet" for being apart of the future of Black Society, Blacktopia.  Yes Yes!


Check out the new advice column from another Blacktopian titled ASK MARY JANE here at 

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