Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blacktopia Interview with Ms. Ke (the artist behind "Broken Hearted" and "Party Time")

Blacktopia sits down with rising Missouri based recording artist Ms. Ke!  Ms. Ke is known as a triple threat in the game... she is a very talented rapper, singer as well as a skilled songwriter!  Ms. Ke is about to release her album Hate Me or Love Me very soon and Blacktopia speaks with the bright young talented rapping and singing sensation about her project, her current single "Broken Hearted", relationships, her music and more!

Blacktopia:  How are you doing Ms. Ke?  What's up?
Ms. Ke:  Hello I'm doing well I can't complain and not much just trying to push my music and finish up my album!

Blacktopia:  You made a huge impact on the hip hop scene with your debut music video and single "Party Time", now you're releasing the follow up single "Broken Hearted" which is a great single, but it's totally different from "Party Time".  In "Party Time" you were rapping, but this single is straight up R&B... what inspired you to release this as a single right after "Party Time"?  It goes in a totally different direction than what fans may have expected?
Ms. Ke:  I released "Broken Hearted" after "Party Time" because I wanted to show how versatile I am and I wanted to show the world that I can not only rap but I can also sing and see what my album going to be all about! 

Blacktopia: For those that haven't heard "Broken Hearted" could you break down the premise of the  song?
Ms. Ke:   "Broken Hearted" gives you this old 90s R&B vibe when you listen to it! 

Blacktopia:  Is this song about a particular, specific situation in your life or is it just based on general experiences that people can relate to?
Ms. Ke:   "Broken Hearted" is about two specific individuals that I love and I just combined the feelings that feel towards both of them together.

Blacktopia:  Now it's time to get a little nosy, is there a special man in your life right now?
Ms. Ke:  No there is no special man in my life I have been single for over 2 years now.

Blacktopia:  How would you describe a good relationship?
Ms. Ke:  A man and woman that can communicate, trust, build each other up, equally yoked, respect each other,  I like the old fashion men that open car doors and regular doors and etc and both have a relationship with God  is the sum up what I feel a good relationship is ......simply I'm a Queen and my King will find me one day!

Blacktopia:  What was one of your worst relationship experiences and what did you learn or how did you bounce back from it?
Ms. Ke:  My worst relationship experience was falling in love with the wrong man.  I learned that the longer you stay the harder it is to get out.  I learned my worth, I learned that a relationship is a lot of work, I learned that a person will only treat you the way you allow them, I learned that God has more out there for me.  I learned that just because you love someone doesn't mean that ya'll are meant to be together.  I learned that no one is perfect! I learned that you "really" need to get to get to know the person you want or think you want to be in a relationship before you try to be pursue a relationship with them don't rush any thing and just really make sure this person is for you. That's all I'm gone say not trying to bore you (laughs). I'll go all day about relationships.  It was nobody but God that helped me bounce back. I had a few friends that was there but not at times I really needed them.  I did it all on my own by the grace of God.

Blacktopia:  Getting back to the music, you have an album called Love Me, or Hate Me that's about to drop very soon, could you tell the readers about this project and what can the listeners expect to hear on this album?
Ms. Ke:   Yes my album will be dropping soon!  Excited! In this album again you will just experienced the versatility of Ms.Ke. I will hit you will all different concepts love, hate, party, pain, and motivation and you can love it or hate it. 

Blacktopia: Who did you work with on this album?
Ms. Ke:   My features on my album are FrosTT, K.Bizzle, Keygotti, Lyinheart, and Ava Mercedes.  Producers of my instrumentals are Keygotti, KDS of midrange, Mizznekol of the Grind is real, The influence, and DJ DUB.

Blacktopia:  Now you are a rapper, and singer among many things, and with these two singles you've shown the world that you can do both of them equally well... now with that being said, is this album more of a Rap album, R&B album or is it equally balanced on both genres?
Ms. Ke:   This album is more rap but I definitely divided up in a way you can hear my R&B side as well.

Blacktopia:  What would you say is your favorite song on the album right now?
Ms. Ke:  My favorite song on my album is "Broken Hearted" and "Everybody Knows" ft Lyinheart which was the song I was going to drop instead of "Broken Hearted" but plans had to be changed but its definitely between those two!

Blacktopia:  What are some of the other topics and subjects that you address with this upcoming album?
Ms. Ke:   Like I said before, I will be hitting all topics, from love, from hate, motivation, and etc.

Blacktopia:  What plans do you have for the rest of 2016?
Ms. Ke:   I'm planning on dropping my album, touring out of state, starting a new project, throwing a show in July 9  Ms Ke Rip the Mic/Album Release.  Just drop another video a motivational video called "Motivation Hiphop" featuring FrosTT.  So I'm just working on getting myself known and exposed.

Blacktopia: Is there anything else you would like to mention that we haven't talked about already?
Ms. Ke:  I just want to Thank you for rocking with me Blacktopia and Some Guy Named Jay and I appreciate your time and shouting me out when ever you get that opportunity you are really a solid guy and I appreciate very much!       

Check out Ms. Ke's current video and single "Broken Hearted"

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