Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Whatever: Do Your Pants Hang Low (by Meichell T. Jackson)

Do Your Pants Hang Low?

Your mama always told you to always wear clean draws when you left the house but, she didn't say anything about wearing your underwear for everyone to see.  This "trend" originated from prisoners not being allowed to have belts, hence their pants sagged.  Also, most males (and some females) rocking this style may not know that it said to be a signal to other inmates that they're looking for sex.  We all know that prison is not co-ed, so you do the math.  All I'm saying is that if you choose to wear your pants to the floor, don't expect to be taken very seriously by mainstream America.  Racial profiling is at an all time high just for being Black.  So, officer's automatically assumes that the wearer of this "Prison Style" has done time.  Making you target #1.  This is a fad like wearing Skinny Jeans (which I call shrink wrap for your package) and The High Top Fade that won't seem to die.  When Rev. Jessie Jackson said, " Keep Hope Alive!" I'm sure he wasn't talking about your ass hanging out. 

Ladies, we also need to stop supporting this look.  We do have all the power. The next time your man decides to walk out of the house with his pants sagging, slap him up side the back of his head like he stole something. The only time I want to see a man's Calvin's is when I'm trying to take them off. Real talk. Please stop!

Editor's Note:  Or the women could also say "you aren't getting any tonight if you keep sagging your pants like that", and I guarantee those pants will be pulled up, fastened and shirt tucked in.  

(Meichell T. Jackson)


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