Saturday, June 27, 2020

Take the SELF LOVE CHALLENGE with MS. LEE starting JULY 1st

          You know the old saying.... "you can't build a strong house on a weak foundation".  This metaphor is also true when it comes to personal development and self improvement as well.  It's much harder to build yourself up, grow and make those self improvements when you don't have a solid base, and that base is YOU, how you feel about yourself and the love for yourself.  When you build a mansion on top of an unsteady unstructured, the frame is sure to crumble and the same rules apply when you try to build yourself up without taking care of the root work, all the accomplishments and gains are sure to come crashing down without if you don't have a strong love for yourself at the core.  
          Wellness expert and life coach Alesah "Ms. Lee" Richardson (of Memorable Moments by Lee) is here to help strengthen your core and foundation so that you can "build a better house on top of it" (metaphorically speaking of course). Memorable Moments by Lee has developed a 14 day program titled THE SELF LOVE CHALLENGE to help you tighten your core and learn to "Love Yourself".  The Self Love Challenge start on July 1st and lasts all the way up to July 14th, the challenge and program will involve tasks, special Self Love videos that contain tips, instructions, and exercises that you can do throughout the course of the program and to journal and record your progress.  For more information on the SELF LOVE CHALLENGE and how you can be a part just visit the link below



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