Saturday, June 20, 2020

NTH3CRiB wants to meet YOU on JUNE 28th (RED CARPET MEET & GREET for Kids & Adults in ATLANTA)

          NTH3CRiB is hosting their first MEET AND GREET Networking Event. NTH3CRiB would first like to say "thank you" for being a part of this amazing journey. The reason for this event, is to celebrate the brand and platform's returning clients, their future prospects, and most importantly the fans and viewers that helped make NTH3CRiB one of the fasting growing entertainment platforms in the south by laying out the RED CARPET with gratitude. This event will allow the men and women behind the NTHCRiB brand to connect with their viewers of all ages, mingle with other talented people, brands, and businesses across the world. 
          This event gives NTH3CRiB an opportunity to show it's appreciation to the fans and supporters.  NTH3CRiB will make it a priority to create and maintain relationships with it's associates. With your support, the upcoming event will create great business opportunities for the community, as well as bring in new sponsors, and partners. 
Join NTH3CRiB June 28th at 12 noon as we celebrate and meet with young talent, businesses, and rising entrepreneurs and more!

The NTH3CRiB MEET AND GREET will take place at 
5425 Old National HWY
Atlanta, GA

Visit the NTH3CRiB website for more information and details.

"If you have businesses, if you stand for something, if your apart of the community, if you care about our youth, if you have a radio station, if your a promoter, host, sponsor, producer, investor, owner, A BRAND, musician, model, actor, actress, dancer....This is the event for you...LETS COME TOGETHER AND BUILD" - Lil T3rry


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