Monday, June 8, 2020

LADY ZHE pulls inspiration from the new SIGNS OF MUSIC DVD

          During these bleak, dark, and grim times we are facing here in the world due to the COVID19 pandemic, police brutality, racism, and other underwhelming events happening around the globe, many people have turned to music for their source of inspiration and to help uplift them in the midst of this somber period.  The new gospel DVD MAKE IT GOSPEL EXPERIENCE / SIGNS OF MUSIC presented by Right Touch Promotions certainly gives hope and provides of ray of inspiration and jubilation to the viewers!    
           Prominent businesswoman, SEO guru, podcast host and expert violinist Zhe Levels Scott (BKA "Lady Zhe") has certainly found joy and inspiration from the stellar gospel musical performances showcased on the MAKE IT GOSPEL EXPERIENCE / SIGNS OF MUSIC DVD by Right Touch Promotions.  This is what she had to say.....

"I loved it. Made me very nostalgic for church from my child hood" - Zhe Levels Scott AKA Lady Zhe

Indeed Indeed!


Right Touch Promotions presents the SIGNS OF MUSIC Gospel DVD!  You can have the MAKE IT GOSPEL EXPERIENCE in the comfort of your very own home by ordering the SIGNS OF MUSIC Gospel DVD.  

Featuring incredible gospel music performances by Lucretia Wooten and Promise, ReNewed of The Carolinas, New Creation of Hillsborough, NC along with music interpretation from the Mime Troupe: Mini Visions of Virtue directed by LaToya Tate 

The performances on the DVD are also accompanied by Sign Language Interpreters Lakrista Williams, Valerie McMillian, and Sara Dean so that deaf and H.O.H. audience can enjoy the inspirational lyrics as well.

The Signs of Music DVD is also hosted by the Master of Ceremonies Archie "Da Goose" Swindell

To purchase or reserve your DVD Contact or Text: 919-418-1867


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