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SHARE THE LOVE: Love Begets Love (by Lea Mishell)

Love Begets Love
by Lea Mishell

As much love as I have to share with the World, I feel like EVERY day is Valentine's Day so it baffles me that so many of you wait for one day of the year to express your feelings. You are aware that tomorrow isn't promised and that you should live each day as if it's your last one, right? Imagine that. Today is your last day to profess your love for someone. What would you do?!

It would be YEARS before I cared that sex does not equal love. Yeah yeah yeah I had my own daddy issues. As much as he loved my mother, my father also loved his wife and their children. Had everyone been in agreement, I could've grown up in a polyamorous home. Of course my mother knew about my father's wife and his wife knew about my mother. My mother knew my father had kids with his wife before I was conceived as well as another one with his wife after me. But my father's wife wouldn't give him a divorce so that he could marry my mother. All because of LOVE. My father loved two women and he was honest with them both. I was conceived from his love with my mother. If they knew then what I know now, my life would've become polyamorous much sooner. But they didn't know. Or they knew but they were scared to openly love whoever they wanted. Cheating was less frowned upon than polyamory. Crazy huh?

Many good things came from the union of my parents, including their overflowing capacity to love being passed down to me. As I grew up and matured, I wasn't encouraged to explore or ask questions nor was I an extremely curious child. I always felt comfortable in the company of two or more friends around me. I felt safe, loved and secure when I was around familiar faces. My loving nature drew a variety of people toward me, young and old. It wouldn't be until I was harmed on several occasions (physically, mentally, sexually) that I began to shut down and become a loner. You can't get hurt if no one is there to hurt you. But, little did I know, my solitude WAS hurting me. Still needing a physical touch, with no desire to allow my heart to hurt again, I began my promiscuous phase. Looking back, I was tame compared to what I write in my books because deep in my heart, I desired LOVE. Hold me all night until morning love. Call just to hear my voice love. Cooking to make sure I've had a meal love. Spend the rest of our life together love.

My husband is the one man that proved to me what LOVE is. Seeing my parents as the example of a relationship, I saw flashes of what Hubby gives me. The looks they've shared I've had with my husband but the difference is with our love, we're looking at each other with honesty, transparency AND we're in agreement with loving others. Loving others isn't a crime. Not loving yourself is damage enough. And if you love someone, let them know. If my parents had held back, I wouldn't be here. If I had held back, I wouldn't have the lovely life I'm living and you wouldn't have this informative and entertaining column to read. See? Sharing love is ALL GOOD!!

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