Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Over the past decade, Kanye West's mental health struggles have always been exposed to the general public however last week after various videos of Kanye West's very intense Political Rally in Charleston, SC surfaced many people showed concerns for West's current mental well being on social media.  Many viewers made posts sending prayers for Kanye and hoping that he finds the help he needs.   

Prominent Health and Wellness expert Alesah "Ms. Lee" Richardson of Memorable Moments by Lee also recently weighed in and spoke on the subject.

This is my view. First I was not understanding what he was saying. Then I stop and truly listened. He clearly stated he was in a mental hospital and called for Jesus. I can say he made a point that I liked. He also spoke of Jesus a lot. The statement “Society has made single moms think they don’t need any help raising their children”. That’s how come government assistance is set up in a way that if you get help they going cut you off. Now when it comes to mental health most people do not understand it. They speak in a way to make them feel comfortable and say words like that person is crazy. Mental illness is serious and is over looked at because of the lack of knowledge. I worked in the mental and behavioral health field for years and no matter how much I tried to educate others they still did not understand. More awareness need to be shared. - Alesah "Ms. Lee" Richardson


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