Tuesday, November 26, 2019

#WellnessWed: What's your THEME SONG?

"I feel that everyone should have a theme song. A song that describes you and makes you feel good about yourself. A song that every time it comes on, you know it was written for you." Theme Song is the 7th section of the Butterfly stage in my book Finding Your Flow: A Butterfly's Secret to Happiness. 
- Adrienne Charleson

Photo credit: @blackbyrdmedia

Finding Your Flow: A Butterfly’s Secret to Happiness is a guided self-help book based on the life cycle of the butterfly. The sole purpose of the book is to help those of you
struggling with sadness, a lack of true enjoyment with life, and a lack of purpose. In many cultures the butterfly is a symbol of change, hope, and life. For other cultures, it is a symbol of resurrection. For me, the butterfly is synonymous with being happy, being free, and finding your true inner and outer beauty, and this is what I want you to accomplish in working through this book. As you progress through the stages of the book, my hope is that you emerge on the other side as the joyous person you’ve always wanted to be. I want to help you to find the butterfly within you and live a life of
balance, purpose, and true joy!


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