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Interview with TINA WRIGHT of Person to Person (#WCW: Wed. CLASSY Woman)

Blacktopia sits down with star poetess, writer, and host of the hit BRPP Radio Network's PERSON TO PERSON Tina Wright for a one on one interview to discuss her show, her poetry and more!  Read all about what she has to say in the interview below.

Blacktopia:  How are you doing Tina, are you ready for this interview? 
Tina Wright:  I'm good and you?  Yes, I'm absolutely ready for this interview are you ready for my answers?

Blacktopia:  How long have you been doing radio, podcasts and blogtalk radio?
Tina Wright:  I have been doing this for approximately 2-3 years, I took a break for a few months. 

Blacktopia:  What inspired you to put together the popular blogtalk radio show Person To Person?
Tina Wright:  Person To Person is a show that is something that I felt would be a little different than
your average show. Something that gets a little more personal and makes the guest feel like we are actually sitting and having a conversation Person To Person.      

Blacktopia:  For those that haven't heard, how else would you describe your show?  What is the tone and feel? 
Tina Wright:  Well, I always tell my guest I'm easy like Sunday Morning.  Don't think of it like an Interview, but us just sitting down having a conversation. I ask some questions.  I even give them a chance to ask me some question... It's just a laid back easy going show, but I will get all the business.....(laughs).

Blacktopia:  Who are some of the guests you've had on your show so far?
Tina Wright:  Wow, just recently, I just had Terri Remson an awesome Gospel Singer, M'ster TJ, CEO of Comix and Radio Personality, General Grown (Julian Williams) rapper and Entrepreneur. Countless Authors of Urban Fiction so many, that I'm afraid to mention them because I may forget or not mention one.... Oh well, Peter Mack, Cedric Lewis, Trinity DeKane, Shevekia Layfield.  Trust me there are a lot more.

Blacktopia:  Who are some of the guests you plan on having in the future?
Tina Wright:  The Author Yani, Malk Naz (Rapper), Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady (of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio), Ralston Caldrer (Reggae Singer), Lisa Y Banks Sparrow (Author), William Saalam (Master Ventriloquist) 

Blacktopia: How did you hook up with Kim Marrow Stephens, the program director of the BRPP Radio Network to launch your own show?
Tina Wright:  That wonderful lady is my Publisher and she asked me to host a show and that's how I started. 

Blacktopia:  What is the thing you enjoy the most about your show Person to Person?
Tina Wright:  Just talking to different people.  

Blacktopia: You are also a member of the prestigious, Blacktopia.  How do you like the Blacktopia facebook group?
Tina Wright:  Yes I am and I absolutely love it..... 

Blacktopia:  What is your favorite thing about "Blacktopia"?
Tina Wright:  Being a member of Blacktopia is more like being a part of a HUGE FAMILY.  The networking possibilities are endless.  A lot of my interviews actually come from Blacktopia. 

Blacktopia:  You are also a poet too, how long have you been writing poetry?
Tina Wright:  I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager and if I tell you how long that has been, I will have to silence you. 

Blacktopia:  What inspires you to write? 
Tina Wright:  Life and life experiences inspire me. When I was living in NY I just to go and sit and watch people and to me wanting people is the best thing that a writer can ever do.  People are so interesting to me, from the way they say good morning, cross the street, the way they react.  On a crowed subway.... .... It's just amazing it's all just a never ending story in my mind.

Blacktopia:  Why do you call yourself the "Quiet Poet"?
Tina Wright:  Mmmmmmm,  "Still Waters Run Deep"  you never know what I may say or write. 

Blacktopia:  You also have a book of erotic poems called, "A Walk On The Other Side"... could you tell the viewers a little about the book, and what they can expect?
Tina Wright:  Simple it's just a collection of poetry written over the years.  Some of the pieces are  from life experiences and some just from my over creative mind (laughs).  Trust me that book is only the tip of the iceberg  when it comes to my Erotica..... I have a lot more....

Blacktopia:  What's next for Tina Wright?
Tina Wright:  Well, I have another book coming out Xmas 2016 Eva's Quest For Love (NOTE TO READER:  Although this interview is being posted AFTER the Christmas Holiday the interview was conducted before Christmas)  It's a love story that will turn into a love triangle.  This will be a series and this is part one. I have a play that has been submitted to an Off Broadway Festival for Next Summer in NY along with my Partner Chris Scott. I'm working on a New Play called "Restoration" . There are more things  but I like to keep people guessing and this way when it happens I go BAMMMMMM (laughs). 

Blacktopia: Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs or mentions?
Tina Wright:  Just keep looking for new and exciting things to be coming from me. Absolutely tune in Tuesday Nights 8-9 pm EST for PERSON TO PERSON WITH TINA ON Blogtalk in and talk with me 773-897-6297 press #1 and we can talk 😘

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