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Interview with Holistic Health coach Andriane Tucker

Holistic Health Coach and ASEA affiliate Andriane Tucker sits down with Blacktopia for a one on one in-depth interview about her history, services, health and healing tactics and how ASEA products works and benefit the body!  Read all about what she has to say in this wonderful interview.

Blacktopia:  How are you Andriane?  Are you ready for this interview?
Andriane Tucker:  Hey there, Jay...Thank you for this space! All is well...Let's get into it!

Blacktopia:  What got you in to Holistic Health, as well as ASEA?
Andriane Tucker:  The human body has always fascinated me.  My first ambition was to be a medical doctor but while working at several hospitals, I didn't like what I saw in the medical establishment for patient care.  I got into Holistic Health first wanting to get past some health challenges of my own when I thought I was getting old and breaking down...(laughs). As I started sharing my experiences and findings with my friends, I started investigating more on what it takes to be totally healthy and sharing more and more.

Over the years, I've looked into, researched and experimented with different health programs and supplements to see what worked and what didn't, the effects and how easy it was for people to do them. I was always looking for more bang for the buck...I wanted something that benefited everyone, no matter their condition, getting the best results, cheapest, while making sure it's easy to use...keeping it simple. We are way to busy to take fifty million medications and supplements, change our diet to this or that, and try to workout everyday. Let's cut to the chase and do what's most important. ASEA is a product that cuts to the chase!

Blacktopia:  What are the benefits of using products by ASEA?
Andriane Tucker:  The benefits of ASEA are almost unbelievable because we're not used to a product that allows the body to do so much. Because it acts BEYOND the cellular level, on the molecular level, it's like giving the body another lifeline.  It improves brain function, eyesight, muscle function, circulation. Helps the body repair the heart, lung, liver, pancreas tissues...shoot, all organ functions.  Improves the skin texture, tone and elasticity, eliminating wrinkles and blotches.  ASEA gives the body what it needs to build testosterone, estrogen and balance all the hormones for more...umm...vitality!  While taking ASEA, the body can detox naturally and more consistently.  The body can quickly eliminate viruses and bacteria, and the latest research is linking cancers to viruses!  It also helps the body repair damaged nerves.  Man, I could go on...While ASEA doesn't treat, cure or eliminate disease, it gives the body exactly what it needs to do it on its own!

Blacktopia:  What types of products does ASEA provide?
Andriane Tucker:  The Redox Signaling Molecules of ASEA come in a liquid that you can drink (just 4 ounces a day sets your body on the path of repair) and spray, a gel (RENU28), and a highly concentrated serum (RENU ADVANCED) to rub into the skin. To compliment the Redox products are a cleanser and moisturizer to help eliminate the environmental toxins that settle into the skin and cause aging and damage. All of ASEA products are completely NON-TOXIC, Hypo-Allogeneic and without ANY adverse reactions.

Blacktopia:  How does ASEA work?
Andriane Tucker:  It all starts within the cell. The reason our bodies don't heal properly, become diseased, painful and carry too much weight is because we lose the proper signaling molecules inside our cells to repair themselves. Our cells literally get their signals crossed and can't function the way they should. ASEA's molecules helps the body straighten all that out, so our organs and body parts can work the way they they did when we were kids. Remember when we could eat anything and not gain any weight or take a fall without bruises or soreness...yep...redox!

Blacktopia:  What success stories or testimonials have you gotten from people that use the ASEA products?
Andriane Tucker:  The success stories are amazing!  My very first customer lost 19 pounds in less than a month, without exercise or changing his diet. A friend of mine thought she'd have to retire at 73 years young because her joint pain and stiffness was too much. She was back to work in 3 weeks. Another customer, and now dear friend, was getting ready to schedule surgery for his large thumb-sized varicose vein and after a couple of weeks, the vein shrunk and softened.  He was also looking toward other procedures for back, knee and leg injuries from his younger days as an athlete. But now he no longer walks in pain and has gotten the best pain-free sleep in a long time. Oh, and after a couple of weeks of using the RENU28 gel on his face, no more razor bumps. His face is now smooth...his lady is very happy! That's huge...smoothing away razor bumps!

Blacktopia:  How has ASEA products changed or improved your body?
Andriane Tucker:  For me, it's been an interesting ride because I considered myself pretty healthy and didn't know if I'd see any improvement.  My energy is through the roof.  I now sleep 6-7 hours instead of 8-9, and I'm fully rested. Some internal female uterine issues have cleared up. Cellulite that was a challenge seems to be melting away as I apply RENU28 gel right on my thighs.  Spraying ASEA right in my eyes clears some blurriness.  I had some joint stiffness from an injury that is now completely gone.

Blacktopia:  What's one myth concerning health and weight loss that you would like to dispel right now in this interview?
Andriane Tucker:  The biggest myth is low fat is good for you.  The truth is more people lose more weight eating more good fat and protein than those on any low fat diet, and stay clear away from anything that has a low fat label!  It usually means it has more sugar and toxic chemicals. 

Blacktopia:  If there is anyone reading this that may be interested in selling the products for themselves, how could they get in touch with you about that or joining your team?  
Andriane Tucker:  For everyone interested in sharing and selling ASEA, let's connect on Facebook at #HolisticHealthWithAndriane ...and let me know you're ready to make 2017 a very prosperous year!  When you sign up as an Associate with your first month's supply, I'll add a tube of RENU28 to your order so you can get the full benefit of the ASEA product...from the inside out and outside in. You can also email me at

Blacktopia:  Aside from earning extra money on the side, what are some other benefits ASEA Affiliates can reap by joining the team?
Andriane Tucker:  Our team has just finished putting together a system that you can easily duplicate so you will have no problem building your network, your business and your team. As an Independent Associate with ASEA, you'll be able to take advantage of our team calls, videos and chats. We'll be doing more online events you can tap into, so you can grow your business without having to worry about doing presentations yourself. We want to help you start moving toward your goals successfully in YOUR timeframe, with the time YOU designate.  Not everyone has an additional 20 hours a week but if you are seriously committed to an additional 5, you can build a solid business with ASEA.  ASEA has spent the first 6 years in business doing a lot of research and now is ready to skyrocket in sales.  As a result, there are 7 ways to get paid in the compensation plan, including fast start bonuses for people who take massive action, and free product for staying committed.  They are many now in the company that are making solid 5 and 6 figures a month with ASEA. No limits!

Blacktopia:  What inspired you to reach out to "Jay" and Blacktopia about helping you create more awareness for the ASEA product and your services as an Holistic Health Coach?
Andriane Tucker:  When I realized what ASEA could do and what it could mean for our community, I literally did a search on FB for 'black,' wanting to get this product, along with my services and information out to as many people as I could. It's become a mission. I saw Blacktopia, smiled and posted my ASEA video. Jay was gracious enough to invite me in, show me the best way to promote and I haven't looked back! I appreciate what's going on here so much that I tell everyone about it.

Blacktopia:  What has been one or some of the highlights connecting with Blacktopia? 
Andriane Tucker:  I enjoy the different themes of the day in the group. The radio shows (Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio that airs every Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM EST on are on point, hitting some provocative and insightful issues. I've met and interacted with good people here in Blacktopia.  
I love the sensitivity of the spoken word with Ms Tina Wright; telling it like it is with Ms Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady; I've gotten some good advice from both Jay and Deirdre; networking support from Ms Adrienne Charleston. Not to leave anyone out but it's a warm supportive online family...Simply Beautiful!

And I LOVE helping people with their health.  If there was no need for money, I'd do it for free...real talk!

Blacktopia:  Aside from Andriane Tucker the Holistic Health Coach and ASEA Affiliate, what are five facts about yourself as an individual that you wouldn't mind sharing with the readers?   
Andriane Tucker:  Hmmm...five facts...
I still hoola hoop and cartwheel every chance I get (Girl, get off my grass!).  I'm a body and energy science nerd.  I 'study' in my free time.  I'm a hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.  My favorite meal is red wine and popcorn popped in coconut oil, and I teach English as a way to visit different parts of the world. 

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention in this interview that we haven't already? 
Andriane Tucker:  Yes...Anti-Aging! My philosophy, and research, leads me to believe that we now have the key to living a healthy youthful life...150 years and longer. ASEA has unlocked the hidden door to longevity and anti-aging. And I don't mean as we see our elders now at 90. I mean 150 years old becoming the new 50! The earlier you start taking ASEA, and the more you take because it builds on good results, the sooner you not only stop the clock but turn it back. ASEA will be the future of personal health care.

ASEA has a 100% money back guarantee and honestly, it's the cheapest thing you'll add to your health regimen.  You'll waste money on many other so called cheaper products and end up right back at ASEA as your answer. Cut to the chase with ASEA now!

I look forward to connecting with you all, whether it's working on an Holistic Health plan or an ASEA Business plan...Let's collaborate for success. 

Blessings and Peace!

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