Friday, August 28, 2015

On The Mark, Lets Vet and Grow: Women Have Been Socialized to Be Emotional About Sex..... but for a Reason (by Ayeshah Lockwood)

Hmmm... intercourse has a purpose. I agree, women have been socialized to be emotional about sex but there is a reason. It's nothing to do with love, independence, even pleasure, those are tools. Sex is fundamentally a means of replenishment, it has been converted to a strategy of resource under the guise of love, independence and pleasure. Labor, body parts, innovation and invention are not just abstract by products, they are the reason for the cultivation of this mindset. When the naturally occurring result of sex happens, if it is not "desired, protected, and properly cultivated" it is often abandoned or neglected, made available to others for other uses. Women get abortions, the tissue and body parts are reallocated for use by others. Children get abused, neglected or abandoned, many end up as laborers, quite often in penal institutions. The mindset of socially emotionalized sex facilitates the reallocation and absorption of vital resources our community needs. The break down of our relationships and families, and our agreement and compliance with this method of division enhances, exacerbates our vulnerability as a whole, not just the "independent, intelligent individuals". 

Intelligence is just the ability to learn, all living beings, flora or fauna have it, they can be "taught". Thought, which is actual matter, is the ability to create. The conversion of our thought matter through the use of intelligence facilitates and supports the creations of those who used thought to convert it using methods of intelligence. Ijs...

-Ayeshah Lockwood
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