Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What's In The Fruit??? Question It! by Ayeshah Lockwood

In less than a decade seedless and white seeded foods will be the norm, then what say you, "I ate em when I was growing up and look at me I'm fine?", "oh cancer... it's what you get living in this world today, it's the environment, everybody gets it."

The scariest thing about the future of Black People is that we REFUSE to vet, which PREVENTS us from uniting!

No, not everything and not all of us... I'm so sick of those bulls**t "Not me" arguments sustaining our division! but the very tools used to control us, those things that we have been terrorized or seduced into accepting, believing, committing to, protecting and rejecting and those of us who won't open our minds to confirm or deny.

Their strategy doesn't change because it works!

CONFUSION (The deliberate incorporation of fact and fiction) WORKS WHEN THOUGHT IS SUPPRESSED!!!
Their religions (don't be a heretic), news (we're authoritative, it must be true), media (it's all the rage), entertainment (it's harmless), and education (it's based on fact) all have one thing in common... to suppress or de-energize your matter of thought, reducing it to belief. They then convert that energy, recycling it to use in myriad ways to further terrorize or seduce us and the cycle repeats itself.

IT IS DETRIMENTAL TO US!!! Our energy is being CONSUMED dispersed, transferred, and transformed by an unnatural entity! It's not mystical, it's not spooky, it's not scary. It's fact, it's strategic and it's not hidden anymore! We can stop this nonsense!
STOP BELIEVING AND FIND OUT! There are innumerable factual resources on what ever you question so QUESTION EVERYTHING, you will get to the truth, to fact. When opinion and belief are destroyed, our enemy will be fully exposed, we will be of one accord and we will be able to unite and collectively protect ourselves.

Fam PLEASE SHARE! Let's interject healthy "Viral threads" into our news "Feeds".

Ayeshah Lockwood


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