Monday, June 14, 2021

[BLACK BUSINESS] Esteemed NORTH CAROLINA based Hairstylist launches new Chemical Free, All Natural HAIR CARE PRODUCTS | #MoneyMonday

           Hair care is a multi-million dollar industry, and rising businesswoman, beautician and hairstylist Xymani Bordeaux of Concord, NC is the latest to cash in and make waves in the world of hair care.  Xymani Bordeaux's brand, Slayed Hair (Slayed Lyfe, LLC) exclusively produces and manufactures chemical free, all natural beauty and hair care products created using only a mixture of organic and 100% natural ingredients (such as fruits, pure elements, etc.).  Bordeaux states that "if you can't eat it, it shouldn't go on your skin or hair!".  Xymani was inspired to create her own line of chemical free products after working in the industry for several years and witnessed that many of the leading, commercial, and mainstream brands had long term adverse effects on the scalp, skin and hair follicles due to all the harmful, unnatural chemicals laced in the compound.  Xymani Bordeaux has a major passion for hair care and skin treatment, but has an even bigger passion for the well-being of other people (especially "our" people ✊), and she hopes to eventually wean others off the treacherous toxic chemical laced leading brands and onto much healthier alternatives such as the products provided by Slayed Hair!


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