Tuesday, December 11, 2018

TORREI HART speaks on the controversy surrounding KEVIN HART'S OLD TWEETS

Despite the drama they've gone through in recent years, Torrei Hart is standing by her ex husband after he was accused of being homophobic.
The 40-year-old comedienne / entrepreneur set the record straight during a brief interview with Inside Edition. "He's not. He's a comedian and he was just making a joke," she explained.
Going back to jokes her ex Kevin Hart made about the possibility of their son being gay in his 2010 stand up comedy show Seriously Funny, Torrei Hart added, "I don't think, of course, he wants a gay son of course, you want your son to be like you but I think definitely if our son was to turn up gay I don't think he would be homophobic about it. I think he would embrace him and love him the same."
Shutting down requests and demands for her ex to apologize, Hart explained, "I stand with him, I don't think he should have apologized. I think they should still have him host. I mean, who are they going to get? Mother Thersea?"
A mere 24-hours after Kevin Hart was announced as the host of the Academy Awards, old tweets of the comedian making anti-LGBTQ comments surfaced. After issuing a video explaining why he would not apologize, Hart announced his decision to step down from hosting the show, and issued an apology to the LGBTQ community.
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