Friday, June 8, 2018

Update on the SPEAK UP AND INSPIRE SERIES Filming for Episode II

TO ALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND ANYONE WITH A PRODUCT, SERVICE OR BRAND, if you would like to sponsor the upcoming FILMING of the next installment of the SPEAK UP AND INSPIRE SERIES contact Tiffany at 980 288 7727!  




Renewed Inspiration is an organization founded by Klarissa Byers to help underprivileged and at risk teenage girls by helping them further their education, positive goal setting and self esteem building workshops and activities, counseling, and life preparation.  Get more information on Renewed Inspiration by visiting the official website at

Take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault!  Visit theButterfly Visions Project official website to find out how you can take a stand.


The book Venting for Release: Expression of a Sleepless Mind is how the author Melinda Smith dealt with a very dark period in her life. It's a collection of expressions that went through her mind when she couldn't sleep. Writing the pieces that have created this book kept Melinda from falling into a very deep depression.  You will experience poems of anger, self reflection, and rediscovery of who she is in the great Creator.  She is a child of God.

Purchase the book at this direct link


Listen to talk radio at it's finest, BIG WOO RADIO at


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