Saturday, May 26, 2018


          Earlier in the month of May, Klarissa Byers of Renewed Inspiration was honored at the Butterfly Visions Project 1 year Anniversary gathering event held at Sports One Bar and Lounge in Charlotte, NC.  Klarissa Byers was recognized by the Butterfly Visions Project for her hard work in the community and creating programs with her organization to assist at risk teenage girls by providing them with assistance to further their education, goal setting workshops, and self esteem building activities as well as counseling.  Klarissa was very appreciative to receive such a prestigious honor and to be recognized by her peers for all that she has done to further the lives of the youth and helping to build a better community.       

Blacktopia would also like to congratulate Klarissa Byers and Renewed Inspiration for everything they have done.  

Get more information on Renewed Inspiration at

Blacktopia was certainly in the building to support Klarissa Byers and Renewed Inspiration for receiving the honor for her achievements.  Take a look at some of the photos of some of the proud Blacktopians and beautiful black people that were in attendance for the illustrious event hosted by the Butterfly Visions Project.

Renewed Inspiration

Butterfly Visions Project




Renewed Inspiration is an organization founded by Klarissa Byers to help underprivileged and at risk teenage girls by helping them further their education, positive goal setting and self esteem building workshops and activities, counseling, and life preparation.  Get more information on Renewed Inspiration by visiting the official website at

Take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault!  Visit the Butterfly Visions Project official website to find out how you can take a stand.


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