Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blacktopia Book Club: EMOTIONAL SOUL OF A POETESS by Tammy S. Thomas

The Blacktopia Book Club is proud to showcase the first book added to the book club "Emotional Soul of a Poetess" by Blacktopian author, and Blacktopia group admin, the poetess supreme Tammy S. Thomas.  Tammy Thomas made a strong mark on the popular Blacktopia group themed day #WedNightPoetry and many of the Blacktopians favorite poems are laced throughout this fine collection of well written, expressive, an strong poetical pieces.  Purchase the book and re-read some of your favorite passages, let the memories take you back to a better place and time in your life as you relate to Tammy's experiences written and shared in this book.  Emotional Soul of a Poetess will certainly feed your soul.  The book is available at the direct amazon link below....

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