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SHARE THE LOVE: I Never Switched Teams. I've ALWAYS Been Co-Ed! (by Lea Mishell)

I Never Switched Teams. I've ALWAYS Been Co-Ed!
by Lea Mishell

Hello Loves!! If you've been following along with my journey, thank you. Trust me, it has been QUITE the rollercoaster ride!

OK so by now you know that I'm bisexual but if you know me in real life and I haven't been in touch with you for the past few years, you may be under the false impression that I've “switched teams” now that I'm no longer dating men. On the contrary. I never saw the need to announce my sexuality to the world, least of all to anyone I didn't feel was worthy of the life I was offering to share with them. I'm thankful for my patience as each man I've encountered has prepared me for my life with Hubby. And the women that I have met are preparing me for my future with Her, whoever she may be. Over the years, I kept finding pieces of what I needed from various people. When I realized that I would never get everything I needed from one person, I opened my heart to love more freely. It wasn't the simplest thing to find someone who could be honest, trusting, transparent and protective. All the things I am, I found in him and I hope to find in her as well.

I have always wanted to spend my life with two Loves, a man and a woman. If I were single, I would be considered a unicorn since ideally I could've found everything I wanted within an established couple. Considering I wasn't openly bisexual until recently, searching for a couple wasn't on my radar although a few made it known that they were interested in me. If I fully trusted my partners prior to marriage, I would've blended well in the swinger life but it was stressful enough trusting the men I had been dealing with. Once I found a man I fully trusted, I no longer had the desire for multiple sexual partners when what I truly wanted and needed were multiple LOVING partners! My plan was to establish my relationship with my girlfriend then together she and I would find a man that would faithfully love two bisexual women that want to love him in return. She might not want to be POP* like me but I'm perfectly happy with the only penis in my life: Hubby's. However, I was already in heterosexual mode when I met Hubby so I made a slight adjustment to my life path and now I'm #StillLookingForHer

So there you have it. I never switched teams. Just because I played with the boys didn't mean I wasn't checking out the girls! And just because I'm married doesn't mean I stopped dating. Well… I stopped dating MEN… I'm all about the Ladies now!

* POP: Prefer One Penis, as opposed to OPP, One Penis Policy

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