Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#WedNightPoerty: Century Teenagers (by Darrell Herbert the Artivist)

Century Teenagers (by Darrell Herbert)
In terms of literary interpretation, we should beware of too many sweeping autobiographical assumptions
The bible says it was Noah, so this is Noah
She haunts me with both beauty and tragedy, what a wonder of a woman
I'm sometimes as equally as cheerful
Was sensitive and wise than became suicidal
Your picture hangs in my halls, you are still an inspiration to many
I think shooting yourself is ignoring everything sacred, important, or valuable
It takes guts to stay positive, being negative is the easiest thing in the world
So much hate on century teenagers
Like good writing still exists
Do you honestly believe all teenage girls are air-headed idiots?
So ashamed that fans are so misogynistic and dismissive of young women
A tortured soul, far beyond his years, scratching from the inside out to find his place, his voice in this world
He was poised and utterly insane in all the same right
To compare him to anything or anyone is simply ridiculous- he was the definition of unique
Was a unique talent, but also a normal young person with problems and insecurities common to today's teenage girls?
Also, I think there are many young writers whose talents far exceed hashtags and one hundred and forty characters
Let's not label all teens as lazy and illiterate
I don't think it has much to do with what others think or say
I think it has to do with how loud it is in our own head
If it Is an insult, I find it quite ironic, coming from the generations who raised teenager girls and got paid from their insecurities
How about a millennial to see great literature as a reflection of his generation
It is pain from the beginning
If you feel isolated and rejected for some reason or another, be it a realistic understanding of other people's views on you, or because of something distorted inside your head
If you feel that what people think of you makes you want to die, and find yourself unable to change yourself, or the situation, it is the only defense left to keep you somehow alive without falling apart
To think that you just don't care
The day you become too cruelly faced with the fact that you do care, but nobody cares, that your basic social and emotional needs just remain terrifically unfulfilled and you can find no way to save yourself or contact with others
It is often as a result of some kind of trauma that people develop mental disorders
It is very common that people retreat from social life after being seriously violated, abused or neglected
They probably were not born thinking they just don't care
Something happened to them, or in some cases, it is more like that nothing good happened and nobody was there for them when something should have been done
Tells clearly about a traumatized and dissociating child
Seems to me not only have suffered of just mental illness, there has been something in life that drove so out of balance
Sometimes it's not that you choose not to care and want to break that necessary trait, but some experiences are just too much for your nervous system to handle, and when it becomes too overwhelming and devastating for your mind, it kind of autonomously shuts off in order to protect you from getting hurt again
After that, you may feel just empty, unable to care of have feelings like normal people
It is actually quite different, it is about conflict, isolation, and an intelligent girl, which experiences some bewildering feelings and makes her fall in her abyss

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