Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Interview with ASK MARY JANE

          Blacktopia sits down for a one on one interview with the creator of ASK MARY JANE, a new blog and advice column where the viewers questions and concerns are answered in the form of a poem or rhyme.  Check out this quick but in depth interview with the mastermind behind this concept Mary Jane as we explore the purpose behind the blog and the "reason" behind the "rhyme".

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Blacktopia:  What's up Mary Jane how are you doing?
Ask Mary Jane:  " I am truly blessed and highly favored ".

Blacktopia:  Could you tell the readers a little bit about your blog "Ask Mary Jane"?
Ask Mary Jane: "People ask me questions dealing with 
everyday issues.  So instead of me just giving them an answer off the top of my head I give it thought and I give a poetic response in rhyme."

Blacktopia:   What inspired you to come up with this concept, for a rhyming advice column?
Ask Mary Jane:  I actually came up with this idea when I was 14.  I use to read the Dear Abbey column and turn her 
answers into rhyme.  I also to read Word Up Magazine and I just combined the two.

Blacktopia:  Are you great at giving sound advice?
Ask Mary Jane:  Absolutely I'm always giving advice especially on my friends.  It makes me feel good to help people.  I analyze [things] from all different angles without passing judgment.

Blacktopia:   Are you better at rhyming or giving advice?  What is your strength? 
Ask Mary Jane:  I think I'm equally awesome at both (laughs), but I would have to say rhyming since I was doing that before giving advice.

Blacktopia:  What other features does your blog include?
Ask Mary Jane:  I have a variety of different blogs entries and music from independent artists that I also want people to check out.

Blacktopia:  How long have you been writing rhymes?
Ask Mary Jane:  I've always been able to.  I have always been able turn songs from the radio into my own but mostly as jokes

Blacktopia:  Have you ever considered songwriting, or rapping seeing that you are gifted when it comes to rhymes?  
Ask Mary Jane:  No I haven't but I'm not opposed to it.

Blacktopia:  What are the topics mostly found or asked on your blog?
Ask Mary Jane:  Mostly sex/relationship topics but I've answered many different questions such as weight, religion, abuse.  I pretty much touch basis on all issues.

Blacktopia: What subjects do you enjoy touching on the most?
Ask Mary Jane:  When I can empower someone and uplift them with encouragement so they can embrace what they already have.

Blacktopia:  What is the most strangest or unique question you've been asked so far?
Ask Mary Jane:  A lady asked me "Why?".  So I explained to her that I answer questions and give advice, and she says "I know that's my question, I want to see how good you are"...So I answered then she asked a real question "why do we all suffer?".

Blacktopia: What was your hardest question to rhyme to?
Ask Mary Jane:  It's not hard it's just putting it together so it makes sense to the reader.

Blacktopia: What future plans do you have for this blog?
Ask Mary Jane:  Well right now my plans are to help as many people as I can, but I can only make a suggestion its up to you to actually use it whether it's through magazine or radio I just want people anticipate what I'm going to say next.

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug, or any shout outs?
Ask Mary Jane:  God and my family and friends.  Thanks Jay.

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