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[COMEDY SPOTLIGHT] Zoe Boe 69: The Raw and Unfiltered Voice of Comedy | Blacktopia


 proudly spotlights Zoe Boe 69, a veteran stand-up comedian whose unfiltered, "tell it like it is" style has captivated audiences nationwide.  Known offstage as Alonzo Brock, Zoe Boe 69 is a comedic force to be reckoned with, currently residing in Florida but making waves across the country, from Ohio to Georgia to North Carolina, and everywhere in between.

          Zoe Boe 69 is not just a comedian; he is a cultural commentator who uses his raw, in-your-face humor to mock the absurdities of modern fashion and societal norms. His hit comedy single, "Jeans So Tight," has gone viral on social media, hilariously skewering the questionable fashion choices of today's men. This viral sensation has given rise to his upcoming comedy tour aptly named The Jeans So Tight Tour, promising to bring his biting wit and uproarious observations to a city near you.  The grand-scale entertainment tour plans to feature a fusion of comedy and musical acts, including hip-hop and R&B. This tour is set to electrify audiences across the nation, visiting cities such as Toledo, OH; Columbus, OH; Fayetteville, NC; Valdosta, GA; Bessemer, AL; and Albany, GA.

          Beyond his stand-up career, Zoe Boe 69 is an esteemed film producer, credited with the acclaimed comedies "Church Sessions" and "Debit Card Life Matters," both available for streaming on Tubi. These films, produced under the banner of KingsCastle Entertainment, showcase his talent for crafting relatable, laugh-out-loud scenarios that resonate with diverse audiences.

          KingsCastle ntertainment, co-founded by Alonzo and his wife Aniesha Brock, has become a beacon of creativity and opportunity in the entertainment industry. In just five years, KCE has evolved into a full-scale entertainment company that champions indie recording artists and rising comedians, providing them with platforms to showcase their talents. Under Alonzo’s visionary leadership, KCE has produced two successful movies (the two mentioned earlier in the article), with two more in pre-production and additional projects waiting in the wings.

          In the broadcasting realm, Zoe Boe 69 hosts the weekly talk show Speak That Shyt, airing every Thursday night at 8:00 PM Eastern on BFAM 109.6. This dynamic show, featuring rotating panelists and guests, has captivated a global audience, recently surpassing 125,000 listeners per show and reaching audiences in 79 countries.

As KCE continues its upward trajectory, it seeks sponsors to join this exciting journey. Sponsorship packages offer opportunities for advertisement during the show, including verbal reads, scrolls, and full 30-second advertisement slots, providing a unique platform for brands to reach a diverse and engaged audience.

For more information about Zoe Boe 69, Kingscastle Entertainment, and their upcoming events, visit and be part of the journey towards unparalleled entertainment excellence.

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