Tuesday, July 25, 2023

[SPOTLIGHT] The Unstoppable Journey of Michael and Alyscia Terry in Building a Legacy of Empowerment | www.URNTH3CRIBFOUNDATION.org


Meet the dynamic power couple behind URnth3Crib and NTh3Crib, Michael and Alyscia Terry! Hailing from different corners of the United States, their paths converged, and together they built a remarkable legacy of giving back and empowering their community.

Michael Terry, a true Minneapolis native, breathes passion for his hometown. Born and raised in the heart of Minnesota, he has always been driven to make a positive impact. As the proud Owner and Founder of URnth3crib Foundation & Nth3crib, Michael's vision shines brightly. These organizations serve as beacons of hope, providing invaluable opportunities and unwavering support for the children of the community. From talent shows that nurture young potential to organizing family-centric community events, they leave no stone unturned in fostering growth and prosperity. Not just content with that, they also believe in uplifting local businesses and causes through grants and employment opportunities. His infectious energy and dedication make him a charismatic figure in the city.

Born in Memphis but raised in Wynne, Arkansas, Alyscia Terry brings her southern charm and unwavering determination to the mix. Like her partner, she is also the Owner and Founder of URnth3crib Foundation & Nth3crib, sharing a common goal of empowering the community's young minds. With her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, she's a force to be reckoned with. Alyscia's heart for the people drives her to create a lasting impact on their lives, leaving a trail of smiles and success wherever she goes.

Their love story is as captivating as their joint entrepreneurial journey. They came together when Michael was just 18 and Alyscia was 27, their hearts igniting a spark that would change their lives forever. At the tender ages of 20 and 29, they exchanged vows, and their bond has only grown stronger with each passing year. Now, after 16 years of togetherness and 14 years of marriage, they continue to stand side by side, building a brighter future for their community.

Michael Terry is a true multifaceted talent, excelling as an actor, entertainer, producer, and visionary business owner. His magnetic personality draws people in, while his creative prowess ensures that each project, they undertake shines with brilliance.

On the other hand, Alyscia Terry, an astute businesswoman, brings her expertise to the forefront. Together, they form a dynamic duo, a powerhouse of compassion and ingenuity. Their journey in business has always been intertwined, facing challenges hand in hand and celebrating triumphs together.

With four years in business and counting, from 2019 to the present, URnth3Crib and NTh3Crib have become synonymous with hope, opportunity, and community upliftment. Michael and Alyscia Terry's shared passion and unwavering commitment to the cause inspire those around them to dream big and work hard.

In the heart of Minneapolis, where their love story began, the Terrys have created an enduring legacy of support, love, and empowerment. Their shining example reminds us that together, anything is possible, and dreams can become reality when nurtured with love and dedication. The power couple's journey continues, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless children and families in their community.

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