Tuesday, February 28, 2023

[BUSINESS] Visions of Greatness wraps up Black History Month by honoring Two History Making Entrepreneurs | www.Blacktopia.org


Black History Month is coming to an end, but not without celebrating two extraordinary black entrepreneurs: Chantelle Davis and Jonathan Coleman. Shanna A. Jefferson and Visions of Greatness recently featured them in their monthly Visionary Spotlight segment, honoring these professionals for their exceptional work.

Chantelle Davis is a Global Business Strategist with a track record of success in helping businesses increase their bottom lines and revenue. Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR is a Public Relations Specialist who has made waves in the industry by aiding business owners and brands with maximum exposure and press on various prestigious media outlets.

Davis and Coleman are both dedicated to helping black owned businesses succeed, spreading their passion through their work. As Shanna A. Jefferson and Visions of Greatness concluded their month-long series, honoring black history makers, they praised Davis and Coleman for standing out in their respective industries.

This Black History Month was further enriched by the endeavors of Jonathan Coleman and Chantelle Davis –– two talented professionals who are driving progress in numerous ventures. Their hard work and dedication should be an inspiration to us all.

For more information about Jonathan Coleman and Chantelle Davis, or to learn more about Shanna A. Jefferson and Visions of Greatness, visit the website below and read all about these two trailblazing entrepreneurs.


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