Friday, October 28, 2022

[RADIO SPECIAL] The Black Business Power Panel LIVE on Blogtalk Radio | Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern


Blacktopia Presents The Black Business Power Panel LIVE on Blogtalk Radio Today Oct. 28th (Friday) at 9:00 PM Eastern!  Dial 929 477 3872 to stream from your phone and press "1" to enter the queue during the Q & A Session.  You can stream the panel on

Join us to discuss economic empowerment for our people, tips to advance and grow your business, networking and more!  

Every powerful businesswoman on the panel is a proud member of the Blacktopia movement.  Let's meet the speakers and panelists below.

Shantel Archbold of Marie's Home, LLC

Shantel Archbold of Marie's Home, LLC

Shantel is  the owner of Marie's Home, LLC and the key speaker / headliner for the Blogtalk Radio special.  Marie's Home manufactures, markets and distributes homemade organic, all natural, chemical free skincare products used with 100% natural ingredients.  

Shantel states "As a single mother of 4 children, it was rare that I had the opportunity to splurge on going to spas, investing in skin care products to build and uplift myself.  Often times I felt out of sorts and completely overwhelmed. Deciding to love on yourself should not come with making life altering decisions.  Although I love mainstream competitors, I couldn't afford their products on a regular basis.  I also could not afford to go to massage therapists and pay outlandish prices for an hour of relief.  So, I began making amazing products right in my kitchen!  Truly quality products that allow my skin to feel luxurious and truly give me a reset and a recharge.  I designed Marie's Home as a homeopathic wellness shop where you can purchase quality, products and therapeutic massages for people of all skin types!"

Check out many of the quality products provided by Marie's Home, LLC below.

Marie's Home Soaps

Marie's Home all natural chemical free products.

All natural, chemical free 100% organic 
products by Marie's Home, LLC

Amazing products provided by 
Marie's Home, LLC

Learn more about skincare, beauty and hygiene products provided by Marie's Home, LLC on tonight's Blogtalk Radio Special.  Visit the official website at

Marie's Home, LLC is the official sponsor of tonight's Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel on Blogtalk Radio, Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern.  

Zhe L. Scott, The SEO Queen

Have you ever wondered why your website, brand, online store and business never seem to rank high in search engine results?  Well luckily for the listeners of tonight's Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel on Blogtalk Radio we will have one of the top SEO Experts in the nation giving advice, tips and information on how your business, and brand can make the front page of google and other top performing search engines.  Blacktopia meet Zhe L. Scott also known as "The SEO Queen".  SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and Ms. Zhe is absolutely one of the best around.  Tune in and listen as Zhe will give the audience a few pointers on how you can make the best of your web experience.  Although Zhe doesn't mind giving away some "free game", definitely connect with her directly to "book a session"!  

Join The SEO Queen's Mastermind Group on Facebook at the direct link below 

The Seo Queen Mastermind Group | Facebook

Lawanda Kay of SisterHood Services 
and United

Esteemed businesswoman Lawanda Kay of Sisterhood Services and United is also one of the head admins of the prestigious Blacktopia Facebook Group.  Lawanda always has great and efficient information, tips and advice to share for rising entrepreneurs and to seasoned business owners as well.  Although Lawanda spreads her infinite wisdom to the members of the Blacktopia Facebook Group Movement, tonight during The Black Business Power Panel at 9:00 PM Eastern, she will be glad to share more of her knowledge to the listeners and callers tonight!  Visit her official website at

The Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel is proud to have renowned travel agent and businesswoman Teirra Cooper of Xperience Travel 365 as one of our guest speakers.  Teirra will talk to the listeners and callers about her experience as one of the leading travel agents in the southeast region of the United States, what it takes to become successful and enroll future movers and shakers in the travel business under her wing.  Visit her official web-link below and learn more about Xperience Travel 365.

BookTravel Engines (

Rapper Linda B.

One of the leading black saleswomen in Ohio and rising hip hop / rap recording artist Linda B. will join Blacktopia for our Black Business Power Panel on Blogtalk Radio tonight Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern.  Linda B. is a true "hustler" and knows how to survive in the mean streets of life and is ready and willing to share her experiences to the audiences and show them how they can all come up and get this money!  Linda has extensive knowledge to share and true game to spit to the listeners.  Be sure to stream the experience tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern at

A. Brytney Reeves

No business panel is complete without a strong financial expert and business consultant to share information with the attendees and luckily for Blacktopia Ms. A. Brytney Reeves are both rolled into one neat complete package along with plenty other viable skills.  A. Brytney Reeves will share knowledge and other information with the listeners tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern on The Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel.  Dial 929 477 3872 to stream from your phone and press "1" to enter the queue when we open up the phone line to ask questions.  

A. Brytney Reeves is also an established author and poet as well.  She will talk about her current projects tonight during the Blogtalk Radio special.  

Prominent North Carolina based businessman and 
PR Specialist Jonathan Coleman will produce and moderate the 
BlogTalk Radio Special tonight.

The Blogtalk Radio Special is being produced and moderated by Jonathan Coleman AKA Some Guy Named Jay.  Jonathan Coleman is known for making each Blogtalk Radio broadcast that he produces very entertaining, light and engaging in addition to educational and informative.  Listeners can expect to learn a lot of crucial information about effectively marketing their businesses all while being thoroughly amused!  You don't want to miss this spectacular audio event!

Join us at 9:00 PM Eastern on Blogtalk Radio


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