Friday, March 18, 2022

[NEW MUSIC]: PHILONIUS PHUNK "It's Like That" featuring SwagSwitcha |


          Composer, producer and proud Blacktopian Philonius Phunk of the supergroup S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) has constructed countless viral hit singles for indie recording artists of all walks of life from around the nation, primarily focusing on the hip hop and "nerdcore" genres.  Although he's mostly known for his work as a beatmaker, in 2022 Philonius Phunk has decided to step from behind the boards and in front of the mic to give the world his latest composition "It's Like That" with a little vocal assistance from S.P.F. bandmate SwagSwitcha!   In this single Phil shuts down the haters and trolls with bars of fury, and words that will make the harshest critics rethink their entire review system.  This song proves that Philonius Phunk is more than just a mere beatmaker, but a very well rounded artist, performer and overall musician.  

Listen to the single at the direct link below: 

It's Like That ft. SwagSwitcha | Philonius Phunk (

(Philonius Phunk)

(Tammy Thomas)

Philonius Phunk is also set to produce tracks on the upcoming debut spoken word album from Tammy Thomas later this year.  Keep checking back for more updates.


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BLACKTOPIA would like to SALUTE another Black Creative, comic book writer and businessman Ryan White (AKA Slow Chemical) of RYMU Entertainment!

RYMU Entertainment has new stories to tell!  Read all about them here.


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