Friday, February 18, 2022

[WORLD NEWS] Humanitarian / Businesswoman sends a large portion of Proceeds to the People of Haiti |


          Soap Maker, Businesswoman and Humanitarian Cheryl Gorman understands the importance of economic empowerment and using the money earned to fix issues in the community, empower others and move the needle forward when it comes to the betterment and rise of our people, families and communities.  Recently, the prominent business figure has made various monetary contributions to the people in Haiti to assist with resolving some of the issues in the country as well as to feed underprivileged families and children.  Moving forward, she has decided to make it a promise to send portions of the proceeds earned from her growing soap business Epiphany Soaps and Blends to the people of Haiti.  This is what Ms. Gorman has to say about her business.  

Natural soap making has become one of my favorite hobbies. After visiting Haiti as a missionary for many years and witnessing how soap was made, it then became a passion. I started this craft at home and combined years as a registered nurse and a holistic advocate to incorporate medicinal benefits. My family has come from many generations of soap makers. In the south, African Americans had to produce their own soap from ash. Epiphany soap can be customized and designed to fit your every need, thanks to the many plants and vegetables that provide natural oils and fragrances to keep our skin nourished and free of harsh chemicals. Some of the oils are diffused from the sun and incorporated into the soaps. The vegetable and citrus soaps are created from blended and pureed ingredients that have matured in the essential oils for several days then instilled into the soap to give its accented fragrance. The soaps are then poured into wooden molds and allowed to mature for 24 to 48 hours. The hardened soap is then removed from the mold and exposed to air to mature for 4 – 6 weeks. After maturity, the soap is hand packaged and ready to deliver.

Thank you to my family and nursing coworkers for being supportive and a big help.

A portion of all proceeds will go towards the people of Haiti.

Organic Soaps and Essential Oils - Epiphany Soaps And Blends


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