Saturday, December 4, 2021

[NEWS] Omar Gooding will appear in the upcoming Geechee One Film "Pieces"


Veteran television and movie actor Omar Gooding always shows love and support to new rising black indie filmmakers, and recently Omar has filmed a part in an upcoming Geechee One Films produced project titled "Pieces" produced and written by prominent businesswoman and proud Blacktopian Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Films.  Mr. Gooding talks about working with Geechee One Films in the video below...

Currently Geechee One Films has 3 of the highest viewed films on The Tubi App. ("Trap Flix Party", "Treasure Box" and the new release "Suga Babies").




 Alaiyo Waistbeads


Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas is a captivating story that grabs a hold of you from the first page to the back of the cover, and have you looking for more. This urban fiction revolves around the life of a young man named Kamar. He is a stand out on his high school basketball team and has a promising future in the NBA. Kamar is stuck between the call of the streets, the loyalty to his friends, and the love for his family. One mishap starts a domino effect in his life. You'll see how a bad decision can set off a chain reaction, and affect the lives of those around him............... I know, I know.... This sounds like another book you read or it reminds you of a movie you saw. You might even be thinking, "Oh no, it's another hood book about the streets".... Well you're half right. It is a story about the streets, but it is being told like you've never heard. Therefore, it is one of a kind. It's a MO BETTA BOOK!




The new Geechee One Film SUGA BABIES now streaming FREE on the TUBI APP.

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