Monday, August 23, 2021



           We are proud to announce that here on the official Blacktopia website and Blacktopia Mobile App. we will feature a prominent business figure at least once a week on the platform to honor the many hardworking entrepreneurs, movers and shakers and leaders in our community.  This week we would like to focus on prominent businesswoman Wanda Bowie.  Wanda is originally from the state of Pennsylvania but now resides in North Carolina.  Wanda is a strong dedicated mother and highly accomplished, educated business minded individual with plenty of achievements, experience and extensive knowledge in various subjects under her belt.  Although Wanda has her hands in many different fields, and industries such as the modeling, entertainment and music business, today we would like to focus on Wanda's expertise in the insurance business.  

          Currently Wanda is one of the leading life insurance reps for Exzotiqa Insurance, with a license to sell in North Carolina and other markets.  Wanda is dedicated to helping our people get out of bad habit of scraping up money, doing GoFundMe accounts and selling Fish Plates to raise money to bury loved ones.  Ms. Bowie is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to when it comes to expressing the importance of Life Insurance and why so many of us need it.  

If you would like to know more about Wanda Bowie and Exzotiqa Insurance benefits, and quotes she will be more than willing to assist you.  Set up an appointment by e-mail at

Visit the official website for Exzotiqa Insurance for more information on the company, policies and plans.

Wanda Bowie was recently a guest on the prestigious media platform Making Connections TV with Aly.
Watch her discuss more about Life Insurance and her position with Exzotiqa Insurance by streaming the episode at the link below 


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