Friday, November 6, 2020



2020 has been a rough time for us all.  With the 
COVID19 pandemic the world isn't what it used to 
be, what's even worse is our youth growing up 
in such a somber time.  The children are missing 
the opportunity to play with friends, social and 
physical activities, as well as fun and games 
with their friends.  School is no longer enjoyable 
as most children have to keep their distance from
their peers, stay in single file lines and have to 
endure even more strict rules and regulations 
to ensure their safety during this world wide 
pandemic.  NTH3CRiB empathizes with the 
community and realizes the children's desire to
play, express themselves and have a positive 
experience during this bleak moment and time. 
The NTH3CRiB brand and organization has 
come up with the solution by providing fun, safe 
activities for the youth during the pandemic, and 
to give the adults some much needed relief.
For more information on NTH3CRiB and 
upcoming community activities for the youth 
please visit the official website at 

E-mail Blacktopia at



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