Saturday, August 22, 2020


Ghanaian pop singer TWICY and Tommy Sotomayor










Ghanaian pop singer TWICY best known for the viral hit singles "Faithful Girl", "Rock Ya Body" and the 2020 hit single and music video "Gimme Love" recently made a response video to famous YouTube personality and social commentator Tommy Sotomayor.  During one of Mr. Sotomayor's YouTube live streams held on his highly sought-after video channel "Tommy Sotomayor News Raw", Sotomayor mentioned to a caller that the only country in Africa worth visiting is Egypt and that the other countries in Africa, primarily the ones with dark skinned people were "sh*t holes" and listed Ghana as one of those countries.  Twicy, who takes pride in his homeland and is never one to shy away from an opportunity to educate others on the beauty of his beloved country responded to Tommy Sotomayor about his misinformed remarks about Ghana among other things.  Listen to and watch Twicy's response by clicking the embedded YouTube video below.... 


Watch the full live in which Tommy Sotomayor mentions the majority of Africa being a "sh*t hole place" at the direct link below



 Listen to the single "GIMME LOVE" at the direct link below 





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