Sunday, April 12, 2020


 Southern recording artist, songwriter D-Hud stopped by for a one on one interview with Blacktopia to give his thoughts on the COVID19 pandemic, his latest EP titled HUDDY WORLD FREAK FEST and more!  Read all about what this bright talented artist had to say and download the EP HUDDY WORLD FREAK FEST on various digital platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, and more!)

Blacktopia: Hello D-Hud, how are you and yours holding up during this whole COVID19 pandemic?
D-Hud:  I’m good and the family doing great as well just staying positive.
Blacktopia: What are your opinions and theories on the whole matter?  
D-Hud:  The government lost control of the virus they created to cover up the true effects of the 5G towers and other things they are hiding from the public and now the virus has become the #1 issue in the world.
Blacktopia:  Does this have an effect on your music or the current music business plans? 
D-Hud:  Not really just giving me time to write and focus on the bigger picture and reevaluate my big goals.
Blacktopia:  What do you plan to do as an artist while the world is on lock-down and quarantine? 
D-Hud:  Finishing up my Ep that I will be dropping in May and working on my other project for the fall.
Blacktopia:  What would you like to say to your followers and fans at a time like this?
D-Hud:  Remember there is peace in the presence of God and spend time with their love ones .
Blacktopia:  Could you tell the readers about your latest project Huddy World Freak Fest?
D-Hud:  It’s a throwback R&B EP that’s for the ladies across the world.  It’s more of a dance hall vibe with the r&b soul mixed within the melodies of each track. You can download it off of all major music media platforms.
Blacktopia:  You also plan to release another project in May, could you tell the readers about that as well?  
D-Hud:  It’s gone be full of energy and just gone release a lot of stress on the EP.  It’s gone be called a 100 Miles An Hour.  It’s a work in progress. 

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention in this interview that we haven't touched on already?
D-Hud:  Wanna give a huge shout out to Blacktopia and The Media Blast for holding me down over the years and for all the support. 

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D-Hud's long-awaited R&B fueled EP HUDDY WORLD FREAK FEST is now available!  The wait is over!  Stream, sample then purchase the EP at the direct links below and listen to the soul, blood, sweat and tears the versatile recording artist put into each line of the vocals blessed on every track.  Not only does D-Hud "sing" on this new project, D-Hud also uses his golden vocal chords as an instrument to blend along and harmonize with the melodies on the various ballads found on this soon to be classic anthology.

Obtain the EP at the links below....


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