Monday, May 13, 2019

JameyMo "Alter Ego" (Official Music Video)

Watch the hot, new, steamy music video that has all of Blacktopia talking!  The sensual, and sexual "Alter Ego" by rising Colorado based recording artist JameyMo!  Watch the video and post your comments below. 

Get more updates on JameyMo at her official promo blog


Take a look at the new book release from author R. Coxton titled "The Dick Had Me Dizzy"!

“Money is the root of all evil” or so they say. For self-made millionaire Magnus Williams there’s no evil when the word “NO” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary that includes getting the women you want but don’t necessarily need. Cristal is the woman men only dream of having. Business savvy with a game plan to get to the top, she will ride with the perfect one as long as the price is right. But what happens when circumstances force the man who doesn’t understand the word “NO” and the woman who just wants to have it all together.

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