Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mobbed Up Inc Introduces Dj M80

One of Hip Hops hidden gems Dj M80 from Rochester, New York, is a lyrical and talented producer. His name was granted M80 in partial from his fully blooded Italian aunt (Angie Maurigi) as she always said: “This kid has Moxy,” an italian slang word for “bold.” A further description of his name is relevant to his calm demeanor as “explosive” at the push of a button. DJ M80 developed his mix-tapecreativity in the basement of his home. This became his domain for producing exclusive beats with nothing more than the best eight-track tapes. As his curiosity for music grew he was recruited into a local rap group, where he wrote rhymes and produced beats.
He began promoting teen club events, at the age of 13, where he had his first performance, giving him a better understanding of the music and entertainment industry. He continues to reinvent his sound, never following trends and always pushing the envelope creatively. DJ M80 lives by the words, “As an artist, you’re not hungry until your starving”. These humble words are hard to come by as an artist. M80 is raw and authentic which gained him his first big-industry work credit in 2009, as the producer and dj for Hip-Hop artist: G. Dep (Bad Boy Entertainment). Since then his career has sky rocketed, producing, engineering, dj’ing, and even rapping with an elongated list of industry artists, and many recognized artists from his hometown. His charisma is unmatched. He is currently an in house producer, engineer and dj for Trife (Wu-Tang Clan/ Theodore unit), and a key artist to the new Chicago based record label Mobbed Up Records, presided by Gino Gallela and notorious members of the Chicago Outfit. Mobbed Up Inc is the parent company of Mobbed Up Records a powehouse Chicago company with many businesses under their umbrella.
Social Media:
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Facebook: Dj M-80

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