Wednesday, October 31, 2018


On Tuesday Oct. 30th many fans and listeners made an attempt to stream the popular Blogtalk Radio show that has the social media streets buzzing Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio only to find out that they either couldn't finish listening / streaming or they were greeted with an error message telling them to try again later.  Only a few were able to catch the quick glimpse of the broadcast that featured rapper / comic book creator Slow Chemical as the featured guest with the main topic being "coons in the Black community".  The broadcast only lasted for 15 minutes before blogtalk radio's system shut down the rest of the recording and broadcast.

While on the air, producer Jonathan Coleman (known as "Some Guy Name Jay" on the program) caught the issue, made an announcement about the problem live on air but was unable to resolve the problem before it was too late.

Many people e-mailed, sent text messages and inbox messages to Mr. Coleman as well as veteran co-host Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady asking questions and wondering when the show will air again.

Slow Chemical has agreed to come back and reschedule his appearance on the show and the panel agreed to revisit the topic for a future broadcast.

Listen to the short broadcast here at

NEXT WEEK on NOV. 6th Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio's guest will be entrepreneur, advocate for victims of domestic violence and author of erotic fiction Radiah Johnson.   

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