Wednesday, May 2, 2018

#WCW (Wed. CLASSY Woman): Tracey Grey of Massage Life Studios

This Blacktopia #WCW (Wed. CLASSY Woman) Award goes to the gorgeous, talented and highly intelligent prominent business woman Tracey Grey, the owner and operator of Massage Life Studios based in Charlotte, NC.

Tracey Grey is a Massage Therapist with extensive knowledge of natural health, how the human body functions, and is well versed in many subjects in the world, all of which she uses in her practice and to better assist her clients.

Tracey is very professional and provides tremendous hospitality to each and every person that steps through the doors of her practice.  Tracey and Massage Life Studios will make you feel like royalty, and as she uses her midas, golden touch to heal and relax your body as well as strained and tense muscles.  

Blacktopia is very proud and honored to have her as one of our sponsors / advertisers and it's a great pleasure to have her as a member of our prestigious facebook group along with many other movers and shakers apart of the community.

Massage Life Studios is very clean, pristine, and has a wonderful scent that sends powerful, relaxing and pleasure signals to the brain.  Tracey provides a very comforting environment to her patrons and does a great job of treating each individual.

Tracey has a golden touch, and everything she touches turns to gold, as your body will certainly increase in value after the muscles have been rejuvenated with her expert hands.

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