Thursday, June 22, 2017

SHARE THE LOVE: Live Your Life Without Regrets (by LEA MISHELL)

Live Your Life Without Regrets
by Lea Mishell

I love my PolyAm life but let's be honest: Reality truly bites!!!

You may have noticed that I've switched to a monthly format for SHARE THE LOVE. Initially, I wanted to write weekly but at the time that I started writing STL, I was coming to grips with the failures my husband and I had experienced during our first year of living openly polyamorous. Feeling the need to help others learn from my mistakes, I posted topics based on past experiences while having new and better ones, molded from what I continuously learn. After juggling family, work and writing for years, it's been difficult for me to put my writing on the backburner but in order for me to produce quality writing, I need to fully experience my life. I can't fully enjoy my life without my family or my writing. My writing isn't financially supporting my family so I have to work. Life. Happens.

So this year, I switched to a monthly schedule and it was fine until this month. I hope that it's posted before May 31st but if it isn't, that doesn't mean I won't write for June also. As long as I have breath in my lungs, I will write. Just bear with me as my phone was stolen on May 4th from my current PayJob. I know exactly who did it and I don't expect my property returned so I'm leaving it up to Karma to sort that out while I keep moving forward.

Since I’ve last chatted with you, Hubby has met my Gorgeous lady friend and all continues to be well. As I am the pivot of our dynamic, I have kept them updated about each other since I met her and it was a joy to see them interact in person. In addition to me, they have much in common, the main fact that they are both Leos. I already know the challenge of a male Leo from my marriage to Hubby but I was raised by a Leo mother so, if anything, adding a Gorgeous Leo lady may be just the balance I need!

I've had moments in my life where I may have made an error in judgment at that time but EVERY choice I've made has led me to THIS moment so to be honest, I'm thankful for the choices I've made so far. Because of them, I am happily living in an openly polyamorous marriage instead of limiting myself to one person while craving more. I have allowed myself to explore a portion of my life that I felt I needed to suppress in order to be loved not knowing that I was not only limiting who I loved but also who I allowed into my life. My life story is still being written and it won't stop until the day I die so until then, I refuse to live a life of regret.

“Never do anything you'll regret. Never regret anything you do.” - Lea Mishell

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