Friday, May 26, 2017

Circa 2009 products give HAIR and skin AMAZING RESULTS

To preserve our health, many of our beautiful, sisters with melanin are stepping away from these commercial products that use harmful chemicals and are replacing them with products that are used with all natural, and organic ingredients for better results and to reduce the odds and risks of cancers and illnesses.

Many of these all natural, chemical free products are provided by Circa 2009.  Many of the customers that have used the products on their skin and hair have gotten many pleasant results!  Here is one testimonial from a satisfied customer as well as proud and prominent member of Blacktopia, by the name of Ayeshah Lockwood.   

Here is what she had to say....

Hmmm, after trying her soap, I stopped using other soaps... I then tried her shampoo & conditioner, and at 53, thinking my hair was thinning because of age I found out that ain't true! In 4 months my hair is thicker than its been in years!.

I had rese
rvations about trying something new and not "commercially" known, but I slowly changed over to Circa 2009 as my personal care line, even toothpaste. I just replaced what I was using when it ran out to Circa 2009. Love it! - Ayeshah Lockwood

Indeed Indeed!!

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Universal Colloquies Inside of Me

Veronica Thornton (Vee)

Brief Synopsis
Universal Colloquies Inside of Me is a book of poetry that asks its readers to have conversations that go beyond the surface.  It takes you on a journey in philosophy, sociology, self-awareness, and love while using rhythmic eloquence to highlight often felt yet unexpressed feelings and circumstances.  The author utilizes nature in a variation of ways to illustrate how we are all connected and the messages and life lessons really are universal. Although, they are often transmitted and received in different ways. From the beginning Vee tells you exactly who she is in the poem entitled “Who Am I” as she addresses all of those things within the pages to follow. It is a book that will leave you feeling inspired while also giving you a different perspective about some things.  Overall it will definitely lead to having deeper conversations also known as colloquies.
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