Monday, May 23, 2016

#MCM (Monday's CLASSY Man): Walter Perry Lee of Walter Land Productions

This #MCM (Monday's Classy Man) Award goes to Walter Perry Lee of Walter Land Productions.  This Blacktopian is an American Screenwriter and Author.  He is currently working on a pilot for a remake to the classic sitcom "I Dream of Jeanie", but adding an urban twist and renaming it "I Dream of Jenna".  

He is also Author of the book "We Can Work It Out: In Love with the Black Woman in The Bottle" which is available now on Amazon!  

Purchase the book WE CAN WORK IT OUT Today on AMAZON at this Link

Walter will also appear as a featured guest on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio on Tuesday  May 24th at 9:00 PM EST.

The Direct Link for This coming Tuesday's Show:

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