Friday, December 11, 2015

It's Whatever: What I Learned From Being The Other Woman (by Meichell T.)

It's Whatever by Meichell T.

What I Learned From Being The Other Women

Before, we get out of the gate let me start by saying this isn't a post about Why men cheat or Why women deal with married or taken men?  There are a thousand different reasons and scenarios as to why people cheat, get cheated on, and become the other women.  Is it right, no. But, it happens.  Also, let me say that you could be doing everything right and still get cheated on.  If a man wants to cheat he will point blank period. 

  Often, we as women wonder what the other women has on them, why he down graded, or why he took the risk of loosing you?  Again, there are too many reasons to count. It could be as simple as new p***y is better then old p***y? Who knows, I'm not a man, but, having ventured into the point of no return before, and speaking to a lot of my male friends, a few common statements seem to reoccur.

  Let me ask you ladies, When's the last time you were the other women?  I don't mean in the literal sense (unless you have, no judgement), but figuratively?  Would you want to (rhymes with tuck) yourself?  When was the last time your man saw you like the chick that used to get it on in the movie theater, in the back seat of the car, and not like the respectable mother of his child?

  What does the other women have over you, you ask? Excitement, no drama, a great imagination, time, she listens, and a f**k me now attitude( she can because she doesn't have to deal with him 24/7 lol) What Men Can Do To Make Their Women Want To Jump Their Bones will be my next article. Stay tuned!

 Now, with all that being said it doesn't mean that she has more to offer him then you. It just means that in the little time that he does give her, she provides a fantasy.
A fantasy that you can re-create by just giving a little more time, being a little more creative, and being the other women your man fantasizes about. Hell, wear a wig, put on those knock off Red Bottoms, do some roll playing, and let him know where home really is.  
Good luck!  


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