Sunday, September 13, 2015

Interview with Aliscia Melton AKA Sunshine BlackRose

Blacktopian Author and Poet Aliscia Melton sits down with us for an in-depth one on one interview about her new book and her history as a poet.  Check out the interview and take this amazing journey with us as we explore the mind of the beautiful Ms. Aliscia Melton AKA Sunshine BlackRose.  

Blacktopia:  How are you Aliscia Melton?
Aliscia Melton:  I am doing well Jay, thank you. 

Blacktopia:  Why do you call yourself Sunshine Blackrose?  Where did the name come from?
Aliscia Melton:  I call myself Sunshine BlackRose because I started out in life in a dark place, but I was yet still beautiful and delicate just like a black rose. The sunshine part was added on because I try and bring light wherever I go and because the Sun shined down on me allowing me the black rose to grow and flourish in a dry, barren, and dark place. Plus I had many people give me the nickname Sunshine.  So I incorporated Sunshine and BlackRose together to come up with my pen name.

Blacktopia:  How long have you been writing poetry?
Aliscia Melton:  I have been writing poetry consistently since 2011. 

Blacktopia:  What inspires you to write?
Aliscia Melton:  Life inspires me to write. My experiences and the experiences of others inspire me to write. Being able to express myself and even encourage, uplift, or bless someone else with my writing truly inspires me to write. 

Blacktopia:  How long did it take you to put this book together?
Aliscia Melton:   Well the process of actually putting the book together once I decided to publish a book was not long. The pieces in the book, many I have written years ago, but again, the process to put the book together was not long at all maybe about 6-9 months.  It took me that long because of outside situations such as me being a mother, working, and taking on other ventures at the same time. 

Blacktopia:  What is one of your favorite pieces from the book right now?
Aliscia Melton:   One of my favorite pieces in the book is "Rose Colored Glasses".


Blacktopia:  What inspired you to title the book, Sunshine Blackrose.... From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form?
Aliscia Melton:  What inspired me to title this book Sunshine BlackRose...From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form is that this book of poetry is a journey of my life from birth ( Origination) to my awakening (Realization)  and Maturation that all lead to the Transformation of Aliscia Sunshine BlackRose Melton.  Those 4 words , Origination, Realization, Maturation, and Transformation are the titles to the 4 chapters in the book. 

This book of poetry is actually a brief glimpse into my life and some of the struggles and triumphs I have been through. 

Blacktopia:  How would you describe the overall feel of this book?  
Aliscia Melton:  The overall feel of this book is enlightening, inspirational, and encouraging. 

Blacktopia:  How would you describe most of your poems?
Aliscia Melton:  It is hard for me to try and describe my poems or lump them all into one group or  category. I write from so many different viewpoints that that is hard to do. I will say this though, my pen tends to lead me in the direction of encouragement or uplifting pieces. 

I have pretty much touched every genre on one way or another with my poetry writing. 

Blacktopia:  Who are the types of people what would mostly enjoy your new book?
Aliscia Melton:  I think everyone that loves poetry or a good story of overcoming would enjoy this book. 

Blacktopia:  Do you also write short stories, lyrics, and other forms of literature?
Aliscia Melton:  I do write short stories and even short skits and plays. I am developing characters for a Sci-Fi book now.  I have written a few barz here and there but I would love to write song lyrics. I often make up songs in my head, usually worship songs. I just for some reason have never written them down. 

Blacktopia:  What's next for you?
Aliscia Melton:  What's next for me..... Well first I'm going to start writing down my song lyrics  (laughs) but on the real, I have several books in the works. My second poetry, "A Love Story Sensual and Romantic Poetry" will be out in February, just in time for Valentine's Day. I have an inspirational book that will be out sometime next year as well. It is titled "Get ya Weight up! How To Stay Battle Ready". This book will have 5 practical biblical principles on how to keep the anointing of the Holy Ghost flowing and your armor strong. 

I have a few other titles to come in the future as well. 

I currently host 2 blogtalk radio shows on the BRPP Radio Network. One is Heart2Hearts with Aliscia Sunshine BlackRose and is on every Tuesday Night at *pm EST. The call in number in 773-897-6297. The other show is titled "Puttin U on Poetry" and that show is an open mic poetry show where we have special guest hosts and artists come thru to spit some fiyah poetry. It is also open to who ever wants to call in and share their work with us. That show is on Sundays from 9:30 pm to 11pm EST and the call in number is the same 773-697-6297. 

I am also relauching my clothing line GodSquad Gear in January. Currently you can go to and check out a few of my t-shirt designs and order a tshirt or sweat shirt. A full working website with more gear and accessories to come very very soon. 

I have many other things in the works as well but I will release that information all in due time. 

Blacktopia:  How do you feel about the facebook group Blacktopia?
Aliscia Melton: The Facebook group Blacktopia is just what its name states a Blacktopia. It is a blacktopia of people of color from all walks of life coming together to share, inspire, educate, and just bond an be there for each other. I love being a part of the community in Blacktopia. 

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shoutouts or mentions?  
Aliscia Melton:  Yes, please check out my websites ,, and again if you want to represent GodSquad by purchasing one of my custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, dog tags, or hats. 

If you are in need of help with publishing your own work check me out at 

For my shout outs I would first like to thank you Jay for this opportunity and thanks to all the fans of my work that inspire me to keep doing what I do. 

Shoutout to my children Steffen, Myliscia, and James, my reason for getting my hustle on. My business partner and sister-friend Ericka Taylor. The whole Distinguished Royal Family (DRF), Chester, Kim Morrow and the BRPP Media Family. 
And a huge "I LOVE you guys!!!" to the Blacktopia Facebook crew, especially Tammy Thomas and Melinda Parker you guys ROCK!! 


Purchase the New Book from Author and Poet Aliscia Melton.  
Sunshine BlackRose:  From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form.

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