Sunday, November 21, 2021



Blacktopia is proud to feature rising Las Vegas stationed indie hip hop / rap sensation $hynePhre$h.  In this Blacktopia behind the music inside look, the artist talks about cancel culture, what he would change in the world today, who he is as an artist and other subjects.  Get to know a little about one of the future stars of urban music $hynePhre$h!



Blacktopia:  How is everything going $hynePhre$h?
$hynePhre$h:    Fabulous

Blacktopia:  How would you sum up who you are as an artist in just one phrase?
$hynePhre$h:  Just Charismatic

Blacktopia:  What sets you apart from most artists today?
$hynePhre$h:  The ability to stick to the script. The courage to be myself. Last but not least, creativity.

Blacktopia:  For those who haven't heard it yet, what is your latest single "Ugly" all about?  What would you say about that single?  
$hynePhre$h:  It’s just hype. It’s all about having fun on that track. It’s versatile, it’s catchy, it’s bright and it’s what the fans love.

Blacktopia:  What is your opinion on this whole "cancel culture" thing?
$hynePhre$h:  Just a bunch of haters behind it. That’s all I could say. Just a bunch of people who are mad because they are not a part of it; Or could not be a part of it; Or mad they don’t possess the talent to be a part of it.

Blacktopia:  If you could change 3 things in the world right now, what would it be?
$hynePhre$h:  Racism, crooked politics and condemnation of convicted felons. Everyone deserves Equal rights.

Blacktopia:  When you are gone, how would you like to be remembered?
$hynePhre$h: Frankly, it doesn’t even matter to me. This will be the next man or woman’s world. I’m on to the next life forever.
Stream the new single "Ugly" from $hynePhre$h at the direct link below 
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