Wednesday, July 14, 2021

[WellnessWed]: COACH LEE introduces a new MEDITATION TRIBE to help with STRESS MANAGEMENT & MENTAL HEALTH |


Have you considered meditating? There is so many benefits that comes with meditating. 

Seeing a clearer vision. Receiving answers to questions you been asking, and much more. 

I always took a stand for self-love, as well as taking time out for myself. Having me time is important and refreshing.

Let me ask you a question, “How much time do you take out for yourself?” Meaning no children,  no spouse, no pets, or no family and friends. Just sitting with you.  This tribe was created to give you that accountability for getting a few minutes for self. 

Enjoying the time to relax and release. 

By being part of our tribe you will see how much you can improve on your life.  

We would love for you to join us. An investment  of $44.44 in watch how your life starts to align up with your desires.  

*Learn about different techniques for meditating  

*The fundamentals of meditating  

*Using mantras to mediate  

*Be in a private group to stay connected  

*Weekly sessions on Tuesday’s @6pm est. 


*Be able to request an area in which you would like to focus on for meditation  

*Accountability and support 

*Putting you first, #MEFIRST 

Looking forward to meditating with you. 

Alesah "Coach Lee" Richardson





E-mail us at 


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