Wednesday, April 1, 2020


This week's black business spotlight is on the Georgia based brand and entertainment platform NTH3CRiB.  

NTH3CRiB is the premiere media platform and brand founded by Michael Terry along with his wife / business partner Alyscia Terry in Sept. of 2019 in the state of Georgia.  The concept for NTH3CRiB was initiated by being inspired by programs and stations such as ESPN, The Breakfast Club, Red Table, 85 South, The Joe Budden Podcast just to name a few.  The concept of the show is to give the audience an at home "in the crib" type of feeling and vibe hence the title NTH3CRiB.  The vastly growing media platform also hosts interviews from various entertainers, public figures, movers, shakers and prominent voices in the community and NTH3CRiB gives every single guest the red carpet treatment regardless of their background or status.  In the future the platform plans to include debates, skits, live performance segments and TV Shows to their programming.    Moving forward, NTH3CRiB plans to make a difference and impact in the community as well, creating job opportunities for others, working with the youth, collaborating with and assisting non profit organizations, Churches and charities.  
Partners and Affiliates of NTH3CRiB
Mobettabooks, Visual Perspective Inc, G.R.I.N.D WEAR and IUWEFIT  

CONTACT NUMBER:  (470) 798 7124

Meet the man in front of the camera and behind the scenes, Mr. Michael Terry (the businessman) and Lil' T3rry (the host and entertainer).  Lil' T3rry does so much and poses a lot of energy which is displayed on the show, a tremendous drive and work ethic (which is displayed in the results) and is destined to be one of the next major figures in media!  Keep checking back here on Blacktopia and the Blacktopia Mobile App. more updates on the rise Lil' T3rry and NTh3CRiB! 

NTH3CRiB plans to add more features, programs and even Television shows to the Mix as well.  

NTH3CRiB is also on YouTube!  Visit their official YouTube link below, subscribe and click the notification bell for more amazing entertainment under the NTH3CRiB brand!

Follow up on NTH3CRiB on Instagram as well!  The official IG for NTH3CRiB is provided at the direct link below

Visit the official website for NTH3CRiB for more updates on the shows, programs, videos, and more!

 NTH3CRiB's EPK (created and provided by The Media Blast PR) is now being featured on LIVE PRESS KITS!  Check out the official LIVE PRESS KITS blog at the direct link below, download the one sheet for NTH3CRiB by saving the photo.  The contact number for all business inquiries, booking, etc. is provided on the one sheet and EPK.


Contact for Press Kits, Press Releases and all your media needs!

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NTH3CRiB also has many different sketches on their platform as well.  Check out their awesome and very entertaining material.  Another source for great hilarious sketches is the new comedy podcast YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED!  

The audio sketch show YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED is now available on Spotify, Spreaker, iHeart Radio and Deezer!  Check out the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped here at this direct link

Yesterday Night Taped also stars prominent Blacktopians such as music producer and actor Louis Castle AKA Dallas NowWhat, Jonathan Coleman (AKA Some Guy Named Jay and the media proprietor that initiated the Blacktopia movement), stand up comedian and musician Andre Davis Jr., improv comedienne, theater actress and performer D'ara Gray, actress Monique Greene, classically trained actor Chamar Little and poet / writer Niana Renee.  

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