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As many of you know February is Black History Month, and it's also National Women in Horror Month as well, and as February comes to an end Blacktopia would like to recognize both Black History Month and Women in Horror Month by honoring strong talented black actresses that have appeared in excellent horror films.

Meet veteran actress Paula Walton.  Paula has over a decade of experience in acting, and has appeared in several original movies that are available for streaming on Amazon Prime such as Justin and I Used To Love Her.  Paula Walton will also appear in upcoming horror films produced by Geechee One Films very soon.  Get familiar with Paula by checking out her IMDb page at

Introducing Olivia Sade Witherspoon.  Actress Olivia currently resides in Charleston, SC and will appear in the upcoming Geechee One produced horror flick 100 Bodies (also starring Laquita Johnson).  Check out her profile above on more information on this wonderful and talented actress and follow her on Instagram at @OliviaSade

Get familiar with Mercedes Wright.  Mercedes Wright has appeared in several Geechee One produced films on Amazon Prime, but had a major breakout role in the critically acclaimed horror film Untimely Reunion.  Stream Untimely Reunion on Amazon Prime and watch this gifted actresses stellar performance!  Follow Mercedes on IG @Lady_Merces and on SnapChat at LadyMerces!  E-mail Mercedes Wright at for booking information. 

Meet powerful black performer Chasia Taylor.  Ms. Taylor is from Conway, South Carolina and her favorite horror movie is Dead of Dawn.  If she could be any character in a horror film she would prefer to be a Zombie!  Not only is Chasia a talented actresses, but she is very artistic when it comes to painting and art as well.  Keep an eye out for Chasia's Creationz. 

Blacktopia would love to honor the amazing, exceptionally gifted, witty, gorgeous, funny, extremely talented actress, performer, comedy writer and stand up comedienne Laquita Johnson of Summerville, South Carolina.  Laquita Johnson is no stranger to horror and mystery as she performs as a regular at the Dinner Detective Theater in Charleston, SC.  She has also appeared in the short horror flick "It's A B$tch Birthday" produced by Geechee One Films and is set to star in the upcoming horror movie 100 Bodies coming very soon! 

Laquita Johnson is also an additional performer / featured player on the sketch comedy podcast YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED.  In the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped Laquita Johnson provided the voice of the character "Niecy Knockers" in the "Date With Niecy Knockers" sketch.  Check out the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped featuring Laquita Johnson at the direct link below

Check out Laquita Johnson's acting resume on IMDb at the direct link below....

Visit Laquita Johnson's official promo blog at

Meet North Charleston's very own Taveon Aiken.  Taveon is a tremendous actress with range, and she has shown that superb acting ability in many indie films.  She has appeared in many horror films produced by Geechee One and is set to have many more roles in movies produced by the powerhouse film production company.  Look her up on IMDb

Meet actress Kasia Hart.  Kasia's favorite horror film is Aliens and she will appear in the upcoming horror film 100 Bodies produced by Geechee One Films.  Check the flier for booking information and follow this talented actress on social media.  

Last but not least Blacktopia would like to acknowledge actress, recording artist and all around entertainer Shaneika "Shai-Girl" Alston of Charleston, SC.  "Shai-Girl" is also the star of the hit YouTube series "What About Your Friends" and has appeared in numerous films on Amazon Prime and movies produced by the prestigious Geechee One Films.  Shaneika "Shai-Girl" Alston will play the role of Levi in the forthcoming Geechee One produced Horror flick 100 Bodies coming soon!  Check out her acting resume on IMDb at the direct link below

Blacktopia would like to thank and salute movie producer, prominent businesswoman and the woman behind many of these amazing horror films, Geechee One Film's Felicia Rivers!

Watch many of these great films mentioned in the post by downloading the Geechee One Mobile App at the direct link below 

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