Wednesday, July 24, 2019

#WellnessWed: Why ASEA is good for BLACK WOMEN

Latifah Travis-Bey, a concerned black woman and proud Blacktopian wanted to improve her health and lifestyle did everything she could, she tried many different holistic alternatives to western medicine, and researched high and low.  After Latifah came across ASEA, her health and life drastically improved.  Here is what she had to say about the product.  

I have been using ASEA for about a year now. I had been suffering from Fibroid tumors and serious food allergies for some time. I started off taking 2oz of ASEA 2x daily. I immediately felt more energy, softer skin and bit more focused mentally. I decided to take 8oz 2x daily for a more aggressive approach. I immediately felt crazy amounts of energy, motivation, zero brain fog, less irritable just to name a few. My menstrual pain was on 1000...contraction status & menstrual flow was like a river. My menstrual flow as we speak has decreased 50% & the cramps 85% at an all time low. My digestion has improved tremendously. My appetite has changed...I don't crave junk foods especially carbs. My teeth are stronger and 2 cavities no longer bother me...looks like they are healing (its unbelievable).I feel like I am getting my life back. I've taken herbs from all parts of the world, trace minerals, humic/fulvic acid, adopted a vegan diet...raw vegan... a fasting focused lifestyle....there was a disconnect....lack of cellular communication. ASEA is a game changer! It has enhanced all the effectiveness of my herbs, vitamins, & trace minerals. If you love your self, u must give "self"...(cellf) cells some help & give ASEA a chance! I'm still in Awe!

LOOK INTO ASEA, and purchase it for your body and health.

If you need consultation e-mail for more information on the health benefits of ASEA.

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A Better Chance A Better Community (ABC2) was founded in 2012 by Mr. Chester Williams to “empower young people by providing a life skills program that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education through community development, culture, and awareness– resulting in real life power, World Changers as Game Changers”

The World Changers Program is a network of youth working collectively for positive community change.

In the seven years since its founding, A Better Chance, A Better Community(ABC2) has played a major role in the positive transformation of the Roanoke Valley from an area with too many unproductive, unsupervised kids with too much time to get into trouble to one providing young people with a valuable structured program which focuses on community development, youth engagement and fun.

ABC2’s signature program, The World Changers, is for young people ages 10 - 24 of various academic levels, demographics, and living in Halifax, Warren, Nash, Edgecombe, Wilson and Northampton Counties. Areas which suffers from health disparities and disproportionate systems of care & resources.

Some of the World Changers’ first projects were community garden plots at farmers market, state youth trainings, and launching a Summer Fitness Program for Teens. The young people drives the passion and mission of ABC2’s work.

Donate to the our World Changers program because the youth needs support and access to resources to Change The World One Community At A Time!
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