Saturday, January 26, 2019


Meet Author and Blacktopian Markisha Wyett Bunn AKA "Why Yet".  

Why Yet is a romantic with a love for helping others and a passion for writing poetry. She published her first collection of poems, Entangled Hearts, through Publish America in 2006 and re-released it through Blaq Rayn Publishing Plus in 2015. It is currently available on Delving into her experiences with love, Entangled Hearts describes the different stages relationships go through. Why Yet's new collection of poetry, Reflections: Past, Present, Future  published by Anitbeet Productions, takes on a deeper, inner look of self and how people allow themselves to become a part of mismatched unions. Why Yet wants to share her love of helping and her love of words one word at a time with her new company – Why Yet's Words – where her goal is to encourage, educate and empower all who encounter her. 

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WHY YET "Entangled Hearts"

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