Monday, July 2, 2018

The Leap on Faith

How do you know if you can fly or not, if you don’t ever take that leap? In life, we often miss out on many blessings due to fear of the unknown. As humans, we often lean on the side of caution because we are taught that taking big risks is often met with stress and failure. That was my mind set before building the courage to take this leap. While we always try to be proactive by planning accordingly, nobody can account for mishaps that may deter our dreams. Those mishaps can often shape us into the person that we become, because they help to build our character. With that in mind, the magnitude of this project was something that I had never experienced before. It began with true-life events that occurred in my life, which fueled life altering emotions that I memorialized in writing. Each chapter traces my journey to the person that I am today by capturing all of my victories and triumphs. Every single lyric chronicles my life in my own words; no alternative facts or fake news, just my real-life experiences. For example, the song “My Worth,” examines the discussions between DA and Daniel from their own perspectives and give insight on how misleading the glass house often is. In addition, the song “What If,” was basically me questioning myself and the revelation of life if I were to lose everything and my eventual reaction. I wrote “Fed Up” from a female’s perspective being mindful of the unfair treatment that many ladies face in relationships. Being a man who admittedly broke a couple of hearts and had my heart broken, I tried to capture the emotions fairly from both sides. In everything, there should be communication, sacrifice, and most importantly appreciation for one another and my hope was to write a song that spoke to those attributes and lack of. Lastly, the song “The Prayer,” explores my personal journey and relationship and discussions with God. This was the pivotal moment in my life that gave way to my decision to Let Go and Let God. I asked God for guidance in finding my purpose, which lead to my decision to take the Leap. It’s said that all you need in life to success is faith, determination, and the will to continue when all else fails. Ask and you shall receive for he will bless you with abundance. With that being said, I have officially taken “The Leap” and I am taking it “On Faith”. Please join me in my journey. 

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